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The Peggy Prowe Pedestrian Bridge, brought to you by Michelob Golden Light Draft on behalf of DJJD

DJJD banner on Peggy Prowe Pedestrian Bridge DJJD banner on Peggy Prowe Pedestrian Bridge DJJD banner in Ames Park
I drove by the Peggy Prowe Pedestrian Bridge on Hwy 3 this morning and noticed that there was a banner hanging from it. I couldn’t read it from the highway but upon closer inspection, saw that it was promoting advanced DJJD ticket sales.  For what?  It doesn’t say, but I assume for the rodeo, to be held in the adjacent arena in Babcock Park.

I’m fine with the DJJD banner in Ames Park (right photo) since it’s just informative and that corner of the park has been traditionally used to promote non-profit community events using wholesale signs fabricators.  And I’m fine with Michelob Golden Light Draft and others (in this case, Econofoods and Community Resource Bank) sponsoring DJJD on their banners.  But I don’t think City property, especially parks, should be used for commercial advertising of any kind, let alone beer.

Would someone let Peggy know so she can raise some hell about this?

Advertising banners again proliferating in Ames Park. Streetscape Task Force, whaddup?

Advertising banners in Ames Park
There are now four signs/advertising banners in Ames Park at the corner of 5th St and Hwy 3. Even the Northfield Municipal Liquor Store has gotten into it. Heh.

I blogged about this back in May, 2009:  Advertising banners in Ames Park: what are the guidelines? In the comments attached to that post, one citizen reported that they’d asked City Hall about it:

The answer was that there was no charge for the space and the rules were pretty informal — an honor system of sorts. You just needed to let them know when you would put the sign up and how long you needed the space. It was understood that you’d secure it safely and take the sign down right after the event. It was also understood that the space was for community events like the hospital book fair and not private business advertising.

Looks like one business is advertising, not that I’m objecting.

Mayor Mary Rossing commented:

The Mayor’s Streetscape Taskforce will be meeting again, with new and returning members in the mix, mid June. This is one of their charges. A permanent kiosk has been talked about as we continue to work to add amenities to the downtown and gateway areas. They will be looking at many potential projects and prioritizing and making recommendations to the council. All projects need to be in place (or in progress) by the end of 2013 as this is the end of the master development funds.

So if this was one of the charges for the Streetscape Taskforce two years ago, can someone update us on what was decided, if anything?

Is the sandwich board on Bridge Square kosher?

Advertising on Bridge SquareDynamic Design Landscaping has donated a lighted Xmas tree on Bridge Square. Evidently part of the deal allows the placement of a large sandwich board next to the tree that advertises their Xmas tree lot on South Highway 3. This seems a bit much to me and with its placement next to the big Northfield Area United Way thermometer, makes Bridge Square look cluttered.

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Advertising banners in Ames Park: what are the guidelines?

Car Care Fair banner This big banner in Ames Park is promoting this Saturday’s Car Care Fair at Econofoods. If your business need advertising signs then you can order online. Participating businesses are all part of the Napa Auto Care network. I love the idea of the fair but I’m curious: can any business advertise in this park like this?  Must a fee be paid? Are business banners different than non-profit banners? (I don’t see any guidelines on the City’s Rentals and Permits page.) If and when the Ames Park Master Plan is implemented, will advertising banners continue to be allowed in the park?