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The war in Afghanistan: One more try, guys

obamaswarWith a partial (pyrrhic?) victory (NY Times here or LA Times here) on climate change and a likely one on health care reform, President Obama’s escalation of the war in Afghanistan (the Google Living Stories Project/NY Times) will now share center stage with the economy as the dominant issue in our national consciousness.

Andrew Sullivan’s writing about Obama’s strategy, The Morning After (Dec. 2) and Tragedy of  Hope (Dec. 11), resonates with me. One more try, guys.

A turn of events for Dina Fesler in Afghanistan

Dina FeslerNorthfielder Dina Fesler, head honcho at Children’s Culture Connection and War Kids Relief, has been in Afghanistan since Nov. 24 to set up operations for a U.S./Afghan Junior Investor Program, traveling and filming with Kelly Kinnunen of NEED Magazine. (More on the WKR blog here.) But life has intervened and she’s now taken on an emergency medical mission.

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