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Geocaching revisted

geocachinging-logoI dabbled with geocaching about 8 years ago when I bought an attachment for my old Palm V. With Robbie and I both owning a G1 now (AKA Google Android phone), I’m starting to get back into it.

Once I learned how to how to download waypoints from Geocaching.com to my PC (a current bug prevents downloading via the G1’s browser) and then import them into a $10 app called Geodroid, things got a lot easier.

There are currently 46 caches hidden within a 3-mile radius of Northfield’s 55057 zip code. On Thursday, I thought I’d try one in the Carleton Arb.

IMG_1653 IMG_1554
I failed to find one called In the Arb with a difficulty rating of 3 (left photo: a Google map of my tracks on the G1; see the actual map of my tracks here). So I tried an easier one, Geese Island Hunt, and put an AhaDiscounts card in it (right photo).

FYI, Carleton has some guidelines on hiding geocaches and letterboxes in the Arb. What’s letterboxing?

ADVERTISEMENT: June advertisers – AhADiscounts, Celebrate Dundas, and Knecht’s

This month, we have a new for-profit advertiser, a new non-profit advertiser, plus one returning for-profit advertiser.

Phong NguyenBack in March, I met and blogged about Phong Nguyen (pronounced ‘win’) and his new company, AhaDiscounts.

You can get the City Discount Card free ($10 value) until June 30. Just visit any of the participating retailers listed on the AhaDiscounts website. Phong says:

“Cardholders will save up to 50% at the point of purchase from local participating businesses.”


AhaDiscount Card

Glenn Switzer and Michelle MillenackerGlenn Switzer, Michelle Millenacker and their colleagues at the Dundas Historical Society are hosting a big community festival called Celebrate Dundas the weekend of June 26 and 27. Glenn says:

”The two-day event is reminiscent of  the Dundas Sesquicentennial held in 2007.  The horses, wagons and buggies will be back!”

Celebrate Dundas


Deb and Leif KnechtDeb and Leif at Knecht’s Nurseries and Landscaping, have a Flash banner ad this month that links to their June Specials page. Deb says:

”We’re offering Bonus Bucks, Bargain Corral, and a variety of web-only specials on perennials, shrubs, trees and evergreens.”

Knecht’s Nurseries & Landscaping


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