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The LG TriumvirateCall it the post-4th funk. Ross was pumping sunshine but Tracy and I would have none of it.  The highlight of the show: someone fell asleep, and, it could be argued, rightfully so.

Click play to listen. 30 minutes.

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David Hvistendahl David Hvistendahl has a new weekly show on KYMN Radio called Law Review.  For this week’s show, he and associate attorney Britt Ackerman, discuss, among other things, legal matters involving former Northfield City Administrator Al Roder.  They revealed that Roder’s former home in Northfield is now in foreclosure. And they confirmed with the Goodhue County attorney’s office that the investigation of Roder is still open. The connection? “Follow the money…” they say.  For background, see these Oct. 2008 Northfield News articles:

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