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Aldsworth Building looks ideal as a coworking space. Are there others?

Aldsworth Building Aldsworth Building, interior Aldsworth Building, interior
I’m excited about the possibility of a coworking space in Northfield. See my Dec. 6 blog post, NEC convenes coworking group; photos of CoCo MSP’s new Mpls space show what’s possible.

I toured all three floors of the Aldsworth Building at 19 Bridge Square yesterday, courtesy of Leah Rich at Neuger Communications Group. The Aldsworth is connected to their new space at 25 Bridge Square, formerly the Community Resource Bank.

The Aldsworth seems ideal for a coworking space: smack in the middle of downtown, many small offices, two kitchens, an elevator, and several larger conference-type rooms, two of which overlook Bridge Square (above photos).  Here’s the floor plans PDF:

Aldsworth Building Floor Plan

and a few more photos:

DSC05689 DSC05692 DSC05693 

DSC05706 DSC05708 DSC05703

Are there other spaces in Northfield that would be ideally suited for a coworking space?

A new type of economic development in Northfield: co-working

I’ve long thought about how economically beneficial (and cool) it would be to have a co-working space in Northfield, ever since Tracy Davis blogged here about the idea back in 2008

I’ve been to the 3rd Place coworking space in St. Anthony Park in St. Paul for meetings. I’ve been to CoCoMSP‘s Lowertown location in downtown St. Paul several times for meetings and conferences. Next week I’ll attend a conference at their new downtown Minneapolis location in the Grain Exchange building. See this Oct. 28 WCCO-TV story (text and video) about coworking there (the ‘brain exchange’ as Mpls Mayor RT Rybak evidently calls it) titled CoCo Reinvents Office Space In Twin Cities:

Aldsworth Building, 19 Bridge Square, NorthfieldMore recently, I’ve been mentioning to people that the old Aldsworth Building on Bridge Square would be perfect for this, now that Neuger Communications Group has taken it over. It’s currently sitting empty.

Megan Allen Tsui and Griff WigleyIt’s now looking like momentum is building for a co-working space in Northfield.

Earlier this week I met with Megan Allen Tsui, the new Executive Director of the Northfield Enterprise Center (NEC). She’s been exploring the coworking idea with the NEC board and has a new blog post about it titled Coworking as Business Accelerator In Northfield? A couple of excerpts:

One of the ideas that is being looked at is something called a Coworking space. They are spaces for innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, mentors, and sometimes non-profits to gather together around the concept that together they can build more successful companies and organizations. They are designed to be the best of many things- cool workspace, coffeehouse, social club, and high-tech conference centers.

NECThere are several business models for Coworking locations…and at this point I believe the NEC is in “listening” mode. What do you think of this idea? Would you rent space to work a few times a week? How about a conference room that has all the latest high-tech bells and whistles yet looks out over the beautiful, historic downtown?

What if you could grab a cup of your favorite coffee and head to a space where you meet really fun, cool, innovative people doing amazing things together? Could a space like this keep recently graduated college students from leaving town?

I think the economics of a co-working facility are looking brighter, as more small organizations decide to locate in them. For example, the Citizens League recently announced that they’re moving their headquarters to CoCoMSP St. Paul in January. What small Northfield organizations could benefit from doing likewise?

What seem to be the pros and cons of a coworking space in Northfield? What questions and concerns do you have?

I’m planning to be an informal champion for it but I’m not business-savvy enough to know whether it would work here.

So let the discussion begin.

Neuger to buy the Aldsworth and Community Resource Bank buildings on Bridge Square

19 and 25 Bridge Square Neuger Communications Group McGuire Building

I saw a Tweet by Neuger Communications Group staffer Lauren Melcher yesterday, linking to a press release that Neuger is buying the vacant Community Resource Bank building at 25 Bridge Square, as well as the Aldsworth Building at 19 Bridge Square.  The Neuger Communications Group currently occupies the lower level of the McGuire Building next to the Northfield Liquor Store (right photo above).

These two Bridge Square buildings were in the news in late 2009: Proposed historic-looking office building would ‘replace’ the Aldsworth.

This is great news for downtown Northfield.  And it gives me some other ideas.

Podcast: Jerry Anderson on the proposed 25 Bridge Square building

Jerry Anderson, Ross Currier, Tracy DavisOur radio show/podcast guest yesterday: local developer and former mayor Jerry Anderson, talking about the historic-looking office building proposed for downtown Northfield.

Click play to listen. 30 minutes. I’ve turned off comments for this post. Continue the discussion here.

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Proposed historic-looking office building would ‘replace’ the Aldsworth

Aldsworth Building and Community Resource Bank11x17 12 View 19I chatted briefly yesterday with Jim Braucher, Principal of Professional Design Group, a Northfield architectural and engineering firm, on the plans to redevelop the site of the Community Resource Bank and the old Aldsworth building overlooking Bridge Square with a historic-looking 4-story office building. I may be drinking the Kool-Aid but I’m not inclined to jump on the ‘save the Aldsworth’ bandwagon since only its facade was renovated in 1997. According to my Deep Throat at GBM, the interior structure is badly dilapidated. (continued)

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