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Northfielder Aleka Pitsavas to perform March 17 at the NAG Theater

Jean Wakely and Marybeth Coyle-Frederick Aleka Pitsavas at the NAG Aleka Pitsavas
Jean Wakely and Marybeth Coyle-Frederick stopped by my corner office at the GBM yesterday to let me know that Aleka Pitsavas is performing Saturday, March 17, 7:00 PM at the NAG Theater, 411 W. 3rd Street. Tix at the door, $15.

Here’s an excerpt from Aleka’s bio page:

A monastic composer / song writer for over a decade, Aleka has spent the majority of the past eleven months creating and completing forty-five original works. A selected twelve of which she is ready to reveal; first to a chosen few and now to the public in her debut CD White Darkness.

For more, see this Oct. 14, 2011 Nfld News article: Stars align for Northfield singer/songwriter

This month, Northfielder Aleka Pitsavas has been spending countless hours recording her first studio album. Short fingers and a lack of self-confidence made Pitsavas keep her music to herself for years, but her brother John Pitsavas, before his death, gave her a kick start.