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I missed it yesterday but Curtis Tiano took this photo of the first four people to park their rear ends on the new outdoor seating at the Goodbye Blue Monday.…



While digging through my photo archives, I stumbled upon photos from two public meetings in late fall of 2003: the Hospital Reuse Open House in November and a presentation by Hospital Reuse committee members Alex Beeby and Meg Hargreaves to the City Council in December, with photos of citizens (primarily Mail carrier Tom Kotula with special delivery package Way Park advocates) speaking at open mic. (Those links go to my blog posts at Northfield.org.) I’ve combined the photos from both meetings into one album.

There are some familiar faces in this album.  My favorite: downtown mail carrier Tom Kotula, showing his ability to handle more than the mail.

See the album of 38 photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

City Photos

Civic Orgs