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What can Northfield learn from NYC?

Griff Wigley, Amanda Wigley, Collin Wigley,  Collin Wigley, Amanda Wigley, Izzy, Robbie Wigley 
You may have noticed that my blog posts in the past week have been somewhat fluff-oriented. Thin. Light weight. Boring, even. That’s because Robbie and I spent the past week in the New York City/Jersey City area,  visiting our son Collin and his wife Amanda.  When traveling/on vacation, I don’t like spending too much time on LoGro, but I feel compelled to have something new on the blog every day because 500-1000 people visit daily.

Stop praying. God's too busy to find you a parking spotWe got back late last night and I’ve got a few blog posts in my head on the theme: What can Northfield learn from NYC?  I’ll get them up over the next week, photos included, of course.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of a whimsical billboard that we spotted adjacent to the High Line.

Author Ed Conlon helps the Wigleys survive a power outage on Vieques

The Wigleys at Al's Mar Azul in Vieques, PR Vieques sunset The deck at Al's Mar Azul in Vieques, PR
We spent a lot of time in bars and restaurants while vacationing on the island Vieques off the coast of Puerto Rico last week, but we also went camping with the best tent from Survival Cooking Best Tents. Al’s Mar Azul was one of our favorite pubs. It’s got a great deck overlooking the ocean in the heart of Isabel Segunda, the town where we rented a house.  And it was one of two pubs that had a power generator the night the power went out on the entire island. 

Ed Conlon, Amanda Wigley, Collin Wigley,   Blue Blood by Edward Conlon Red on Red by by Edward Conlon
One of our fellow patrons at Mar Azul‘s the night the power went out was Ed Conlon (Wikipedia entry), pictured on the left with former Northfielder Collin Wigley (my eldest son) and his wife Amanda. We met Ed a few nights earlier while on a tour of the Bioluminescent Bay, the best bio bay in the world. He graciously bought a few rounds of rum punches to help us through the power outage trauma.

Ed retired from the NY Police Dept. last year. He was holed up on Vieques for a few weeks, working on his third book.  You can order his books Blue Blood and Red on Red from Northfield’s Monkey See Monkey Read bookstore.

See Ed’s website and view his 2004 appearance on The Daily Show.

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Edward Conlon
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