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City Administrator’s weekly memo of June 25, 2010

Joel-WalinskiThe “Friday Memo,” written by Northfield City Administrator Joel Walinski, department heads, and other City employees, summarizes the staff activities for the week. The Friday memos are published and archived in PDF form at the bottom of the City Administrator’s web page.

In addition to the regular department reports, this week’s memo (PDF) includes:

  • Information about absentee voting, which begins June 28.
  • Update on the annexation request in Bridgewater Township for Mayo Clinic, which will be heard by the City Council on Tuesday MORNING this week.
  • Update on the Safety Center Projects and the proposed meeting schedule for the Steering Committee and Design Team.
  • Update on the Surface Water Management Plan and timetable.
  • Lots of other smaller project updates

There is a special Council Meeting on Tuesday 6/29 at 7:30 AM. You can view all upcoming City meetings on the City Calendar.

Straw poll: Prawer-Gill annexation

We received this email from Nathan Yaffe, Carleton College student:

Nathan YaffeAs part of my Environmental Economics and Policy class, we’re conducting research on the different stakeholders relevant to the annexation issue.

Our end product will be a public poster presentation on Monday, March 15 from 8:30-11 in the Great Hall at Carleton… My group is conducting a survey to determine public attitudes about the annexation.

PF-survey-sshotOur questions came from a Ward 3 exit poll conducted by Erica Zweifel, who graciously agreed to share her poll results with us, but we’re hoping to collect more data.

Ultimately, the hope is for this to benefit the community, because our presentation will be attended by individuals involved in the decision-making process concerning this annexation.

Take the Prawer-Gill annexation straw poll.

Annexation process begins for West Armstrong Business Park

wabp-sshotP. 13 of this week’s EDA packet has a summary of “formal annexation requests to the City of Northfield” from Robert Gill and Ken Prawer for 456 acres in Bridgewater Township. See the PDF of the West Armstrong Business and Industrial Area Concept Plan. This is likely to be controversial because of the current (1999) annexation agreement between the township and Northfield, as well as the park’s location between Heath Creek and Spring Brook (Rice) Creek. (continued)

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Podcast: EDA President Rick Estenson

Rick Estenson Our guest this week was Northfield Economic Development Authority (EDA) President Rick Estenson, talking about… I’m actually not sure since I couldn’t be there and I’ve not yet listened to the show.  My guess the topics were: business parks development and the proposals for Master Planning Services.

Click play to listen. 30 minutes.

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Greenvale signs annexation agreement

repjlogo-thumb1.pngGreenvale Township’s three supervisors met briefly Tuesday night to sign the final draft of an annexation agreement with Northfield after nearly seven months of negotiation.

The annexation agreement, among other things, indicates how much Northfield would reimburse Greenvale for the property taxes the township will lose when 530 acres of undeveloped farmland goes onto the city’s tax rolls. Northfield is annexing the land to attract industrial developers in the hopes of widening the tax base and creating jobs.

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Does the Waterford Township annexation agreement need to be revised?

Waterford Community Center Since the northwest annexation issue now moves from the Northfield Planning Commission to the City Council, it seems like there should be more discussion of the 1980 Waterford Township annexation agreement.

Some background:

May 9 Nfld News: Just out of reach: Waterford Township.

A 1980 annexation agreement with Waterford, the smallest of the four townships surrounding Northfield, doesn’t allow annexation without the township board of supervisors’ approval. In 28 years, Waterford has agreed to one annexation: 20 acres off Sheldahl Road, which allows Sheldahl, now Multek, to relocate. A three-page typewritten agreement not only says the city can’t annex Waterford property without its approval, but must forever pay the township, north of the city just across the Dakota County line on Hwy. 3, for taxes lost in the annexation.

May 13 Nfld News editorial: Waterford accord needs another look.

As Northfield looks to expand its tax base and as discussions of a new business park continue, the city needs to examine all its annexation agreements to see whether they’re still wise to continue or if they should be renegotiated. The city should start with Waterford.

Letters to the editor in the May 17 Nfld News from Mary Ellen Frame and Liz Messner, Waterford Township Supervisor.

Letter to the editor in the May 21 Nfld News from Erin Johnson, Waterford Township Clerk.