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Photo album, video: Arlo Cristofaro at the NAG

Arlo CristofaroThe Great Glass JarArlo Cristofaro at the NAG, Aug 23, 2013

I first blogged about Arlo Cristofaro-Hark back in 2011 when I took photos of him inside a greenhouse at ARTech (now called Arcadia Charter School).  He graduated last spring and after attending McNally Smith College of Music courtesy of PSO, he’s become a musician with a new CD release this past week, The Great Glass Jar. He performed at the Upstairs NAG last night.

See the video below, my large slideshow of 20 photos (recommended), or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:


Walking in a dismal wonderland

ARTech students singing xmas carols ARTech students singing xmas carols
A group of ARTech students appeared outside the window of my corner office at GBM this morning. They were walking around downtown singing Christmas carols.  When I went outside to take a photo, they were singing Winter Wonderland, one of my favorites. It was already in my head, as Trailer Trash performed their version of the song last night at A Trashy Little Xmas: Walkin’ in My Winter Underwear.

Given the crappy winter weather we’ve had this week (and projected to continue through xmas), it might be good for the students to add the song Summertime Summertime to their repertoire.

Cows, Colleges, and Compost: Northfield’s Earth Day celebration is next Saturday, April 30th

Arlo Cristofaro-Hark and Will Haslett  Arlo Cristofaro-Hark and Will Haslett ARTech greenhouse
I stopped by ARTech last week to visit with two students, Arlo Cristofaro-Hark and Will Haslett. They and other students at the Northfield High School are members of Transition Youth/ Youth Energy Summit (YES) and will have a booth at next Saturday’s Earth Day Celebration in Northfield, 12-4 pm downtown.

I got this info via email but see the Transition Northfield Earth Day page and Earth Day Celebration poster for more:

Earth Day Celebration 2011 posterOther attractions include a rain barrel workshop by Cannon River Watershed Partnership (call 507-786-8400 to register), a dance clinic with the NAG’s Mexican Folkloric dancers, wool spinning demos, a compost exhibit by Prairie Creek Community School, local music and more.

Local exhibitors include Transition Northfield, Just Food Co-op, Cannon River Watershed Partnership, Waste Management, The Sustainable Farming Association, Rice County Soil and Water Conservation, Innovative Power Systems, Community Supported Agriculture and many others! If you are interested in being an exhibitor by sharing something sustainable that you are doing- down load the registration form at www.transitionnorthfield.org

Enjoy break dancers, music, and local food.  There’s something for everyone! This is a zero waste and carbon-offset event.  We encourage you to walk, bike, or rollerblade down to the river. Rain Location: First United Church of Christ- 300 Union St.

Sponsored by: Transition Northfield, Cannon River Watershed Partnership, Just Food Co-op, Carleton’s ACT Center, Prairie Creek Community School in partnership with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Healthy Community Initiative, First United Church of Christ and the Center for Sustainable Living. ASL interpreter will be present at this event.

And for more about the ARTech greenhouse in the photos above, see:

It’s enrollment lottery time for Northfield area Charter Schools; Legislative threats loom

charter-sshot Caroline Jones, Director of Prairie Creek Community School, will be our podcast guest next Wed. PCCS is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year (a K-6 Charter school since 2002).  Their enrollment lottery is March 16. The Northfield School of Arts and Technology (ARTech) is a 6-12 Charter School that opened in 2003. Their lottery is April 6. Both PCCS and ARTech are sponsored by the Northfield School District. A new K-8 Charter, the Cannon River STEM School (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) opens this fall, sponsored by the Audubon Center of the North Woods. It holds its enrollment lottery on March 14. While all seems healthy for local Charters, there are some ominous changes being considered by the Legislature. (continued)

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