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Bart’s new comic strip: Southfield

Bart de MalignonBart de Malignon is a Northfield downtown building owner and the proprietor at BartsArt.com ("Custom Picture Framing, Original Fine Art, Posters and Prints").

He’s also known to the Northfield police for parking his Hummer illegally downtown.

He’s now got a new comic strip called Southfield:

One time, he saw a duck commit suicide; so he is naturally thrilled to be involved in constructing SOUTHFIELD from dirt to sky or higher if necessary.

He will stop at nothing, for nothing, by nothing nor near nothing to fabricate a narrative of ill-defined characters and feeble scenarios for your unjoyment.

Welcome to Southfield, kind patrons!

Wipe your feet. Wipe your nose.

And wipe your brain.

‘Tis the season to spruce up Bart’s front yard

Judy Code, Northfield Garden Club, and Bart de Malignon I don’t know how he does it but Bart de Malignon manages to get volunteers with the Northfield Garden Club to work on his front yard nearly year round. Yesterday, it was the installation of evergreen trees on loan till spring from Knecht’s Nurseries and Landscaping, with Judy Code as the chief installer.

Parking downtown today? Wear boots.

snowpiles downtown NorthfieldYes, the streets and city parking lots were plowed last night. No, the snow was not removed from downtown. The 6 am photo outside the GBM where I’m blogging this is proof.

We dealt with this issue back in December with the blog post, City’s downtown snow plowing/snow removal policy: dumb-ass or not?  I stand by City Adminstrator Joel Walinski and the City street department’s policy. So qwitcherbellyaching, Bart. Park that Hummer of yours and get out there and dig some trenches for me.

City’s downtown snow plowing/snow removal policy: dumb-ass or not?

Downtown resident and building owner Bart de Malignon sent me his photos of the results of the City’s snow plowing this morning in downtown Northfield after last night’s 3-4” snowfall.

He didn’t like what he saw.

snow plowing in downtown Northfield snow plowing in downtown Northfield snow plowing in downtown Northfield snow plowing in downtown Northfield snow plowing in downtown Northfield

I’ve not thought a lot about this but the City’s policy seems reasonable to me.

The trucks plow the snow to the curb after a snowfall which, of course, makes parking difficult for the day.  I think that’s better than pushing the snow onto the sidewalk, making walking on the sidewalk difficult for the day or forcing retailers to do a lot of sidewalk shoveling.

City crews return late at night after a snowfall to remove all the snow from downtown.  Doing it twice wouldn’t be cost-effective.

Is there a better way for the City to do downtown snow plowing/removal?

12/10 1 pm update:

Here are three photos from January 2005 showing downtown snow removal.

downtown Northfield snow removal downtown Northfield snow removal downtown Northfield snow removal

Bart needs a trombone player; help the poor blogger

Mr. Downtown Hummer, Bart deMalignon, is desparately looking for a trombone player for his 45th Ole reunion this Saturday. Here’s his plea, sent via spam email:

Dear Music Lovers…

I’m in a real bind. For two months, I’ve been looking for a trombone player to sit in with (our) St. Olaf Class of 1963 Dixieland Band, The White Trashers, on Saturday, May 24.  Five guys who had NO plans to come to the reunion (our 45th!) are so fired up about this reunion gig they’re all coming, from California, Washington, Colorado and Wisconsin, to play together once again. They played together at the Yankton, South Dakota Jazz Festival in 1963 and maybe one other St. Olaf reunion gig many years ago.  These guys are fearless! Their original trombone player has passed away. 

I thought I had a student player lined up through Paul Niemisto at St. Olaf College but the student just informed me he’s not available. The gig is at The Northfield Golf Club this coming Saturday, May 24th. There’s a short rehearsal between 2pm and 3pm scheduled on Saturday and a short performance around 7 – 7:30pm. I can offer dinner and drinks (and a bit of cash for expenses if necessary) and a chance to play improv dixieland with some very cool cats! This is all for fun!

I’ve got MP3 files of the Yankton performance if anyone is interested!

Please contact me ASAP with ideas!  – Thanks – Bart

Hey, BartsArt.com has blog called, cleverly enough, Bart’s Blog.

Business-friendly Northfield

IMG_4393 Northfield is often accused of not being business-friendly, but here’s proof that that’s not always the case.

Downtown building owner and resident Bart deMalignon says he has a city permit that allows him to park his new Hummer in yellow no-parking zones (click the thumbnail to enlarge) throughout downtown since it’s too big for regular parking spaces.

Although this type of permit is not listed on the City’s Permit web page, anyone can apply for it by contacting the City Services Department.

Downtown streets in the winter: good, bad, or ugly?

Downtown building owner and resident Bart ‘put your money where your mouth is’ de Malignon has a letter to the editor in this week’s Northfield News titled, Downtown streets aren’t that clean.

Bart de MalignonWith all due respect to our city workers and their late-night shifts, our downtown streets are a mess. Intersections, crosswalks and curbs are full of snow and slush. According to Joel Walinski, “The city’s standard is to plow streets – curb to curb – within twelve hours after the snow ends.” Saying it doesn’t make it so.

I walked through Bridge Square at noon on Thursday, the 24th, and the streets are still a mess. Friends and family visiting from other communities ask me, “What gives with the snow removal?” If downtown building owners, tenants and residents are required to park off-street at night from December to March, why can’t the city meet their standard and really plow “curb-to-curb?”

Here’s a link to the article in last week’s Northfield News that  Bart was responding to: How they plow: City, county, MnDOT march to own beats.


Holiday reefer madness

IMG_5480_800.jpg IMG_5468_800.jpg IMG_5018_800.jpg
Robbie and I stopped by the NAG last night during Winter Walk to check out the Festival of Trees from last Saturday’s event that we missed. I saw that my barber and Hodge Podge Que co-owner Jerry Nord was the creator of one of the trees (left photo, click to enlarge) that ended up being sponsored by Jim Enestvedt, Sue Webb, and my future Northfield Crossing neighbors, Charlie and Diane Kyte.

Later, we paid Jerry a visit at his store and I complimented him on his creation. I asked him what was his inspiration for it and he pulled out the poster. No wait, that’s not quite what happened. I forget. I have a good memory but it’s short. Why is that? It’s happened to me at least 420 times this year. Anyway, Jerry doesn’t sell the posters, but Bart deMalignon does via the Grezzo Gallery (which, if they don’t get their website in shape soon, I’m going to have to file a request for a DoS). I saw Bart earlier this afternoon checking out the damaged streetscape curbing and he said he does have a few posters remaining. Great stocking stuffers, I’d say.