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Cannon Valley Velo Club’s group road rides: your choice of six ride categories

Cannon Valley Velo Club, A and B ride groups, Bridge Square CVVC logo

Two groups of road riding members of the Cannon Valley Velo Club (CVVC) met at Bridge Square this morning at 7 am. The B Ride route: a 38-mile ride from to Farmington and Hampton and back.   The A Ride, part of Bruce Anderson’s Long-Distance Laughing Ride Series:

This is a long sucker, but it rolls through some beautiful, quiet country. Main rest stop is projected at the Straight River Inn Cafe in downtown Hope, MN at about 67 miles. There will be opportunities for water and convenience store food/beverages in Waterville (35 miles) and Nerstrand (113 miles), but it’s wide open country otherwise, so plan food and water accordingly!

See the club’s road ride categories for more details on what to expect on the group road rides: A, A/B, B, B/C, C, D/Family.

Some photos of riders heading out on the A Ride:

DSC00996 DSC00999 DSC01001

DSC01003 DSC01004 DSC01006

Bike helmet promotions are bad for the public health of Northfield

A crushed bike helmet in NorthfieldNo, this is not a faux news piece. I heard this story on PRI’s The World a month ago, Why Germans Don’t Like Bicycle Helmets, and started poking around to learn more.

It turns out that the promotion of the wearing of bike helmets, and especially helmet laws, reduces bicycling and the public health benefits of cycling, except for the people that take this as sport and as a healthy option for their life, but this is the kind of people that want to maintain the health and also take the time to buy maeng da thai kratom powder and other supplements.

The best site I found for research: The Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation in the UK.

Griff Wigley and his bike helmetSo while wearing a bike helmet might be good for you personally (I always do but even the research on that is questionable), it’s bad public policy to promote the wearing of bicycle helmets.

If you’re a parent and insist that your young kids wear helmets, realize that you’re likely creating a strong incentive for them to abandon bike riding when they become teenagers and to see driving a car as the only socially acceptable form of local transportation.

The Northfield Hospital, Northfield Community Services, the City of Northfield, and other organizations in the area concerned with the health and safety of the citizenry should quit the bike helmet safety promotions.

May 23 8 am update: I’ve changed the name of the blog post from “Bike helmets are bad for the public health of Northfield” to “Bike helmet promotions are bad for the public health of Northfield.” See the discussion below.

City installs bicycle signs on both sides of Jefferson Road

Jefferson Road bike lane sign Jefferson Road 'share the road' sign Jefferson Road storm water grate 
On the newly paved Jefferson Road between Jefferson Parkway and Heritage Drive, the City of Northfield has installed 13 ‘BIKE LANE/No Parking’ signs on the east side of the street and 7 ‘SHARE THE ROAD’ signs on the west side.  All the storm water grates have been spray-painted a florescent green.

Will there be striping? Stay tuned.

Update Oct. 8: Striping is now complete on both sides, with bike icons and arrows in the bike lane on the east side of the street.

Jefferson Road bike striping Jefferson Road bike striping Jefferson Road bike striping

Update Oct. 10: This morning, a City of Northfield street crew was removing the overabundance of bike lane signs that were installed by the contractor. The signs will be used elsewhere:

removal of Jefferson Road bike lane sign

Photo album: a Critical Mass ride in and around downtown Northfield

A group of local bicyclists staged a Critical Mass ride on Friday afternoon, starting at Bridge Square.

Critical Mass in Northfield An unidentifed law breaker
The group appeared to be having a good time while mostly abiding by traffic laws. The civil disobedience of one well-known but unidentified biker (right photo above) is worth noting.

See the large slideshow (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow: