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Roosevelt Drive’s new sidewalk

Grant Park trail at Jefferson Parkway Grant Park trail at Jefferson Parkway Roosevelt Drive's new sidewalk

Roosevelt Drive's new sidewalk Sidewalks at Roosevelt Drive and Jefferson Parkway Roosevelt Drive's new sidewalk
Roosevelt Drive sidewalkI noticed last week that the new sidewalk on Roosevelt Drive is being installed, part of this summer’s Lockwood Division Roosevelt Street Improvements Project. (See my black arrows and black loop on a screenshot of the area on the image on the right. It’s taken from the Comprehensive Parks and Trails Map pdf.)

It’ll be great to have more off-street walking/biking in the neighborhood, plus it’ll connect to the Grant Park trail at one end and the sidewalks by the Senior Center and the NCRC building at the other, all part of a network of sidewalks and trails by the High School and Bridgewater Elementary.

Jefferson Park trail at Jefferson Parkway Jefferson Park trail at Jefferson Parkway Trail Route sign; Jefferson Park trail at Jefferson Parkway
One thing that still puzzles me, however, is the end of the trail that goes through Jefferson Park. It connects to the sidewalk but across the street, there’s a sign on the north side of Jefferson Parkway that says "TRAIL ROUTE" with a 90 degree arrow. If the intent is to signal people that now on-street walking/biking is required, it seems like there should be a curb cut there where a section of the sidewalk was just replaced.  Or am I confused?

New blog: Northfield Nonmotorized

sean-glassesnomo-sshotThe City of Northfield’s Nonmotorized Transportation Task Force sunsets this month. Some of the members started a new blog about a month ago titled Northfield Nonmotorized, with the tagline: “Northfield and Dundas Trails and Bikeways | Safe Routes to School | Mill Towns Trail.”

Sean Hayford O’Leary is the primary blogger thus far, with Neil Lutsky and Bill Ostrem chiming in with comments.