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Beaver training facility discovered along the Minnesota River bottoms

Bucky Bill Nelson IMG_20120216_170856 IMG_20120216_170842 IMG_20120216_170609
I went mountain biking with Bill Nelson along the Minnesota River bottoms this week and he showed me an area just east of Cedar Ave. where beavers have been gnawing away at a dozen or more large trees.

The Wikipedia entry for beaver says:

Beavers fell trees for several reasons. They fell large mature trees, usually in strategic locations, to form the basis of a dam, but European beavers tend to use small diameter (<10 cm) trees for this purpose. Beavers fell small trees, especially young second-growth trees, for food.

But it’s puzzling because the trees above are not in place where the logs could be used to "form the basis of a dam" and they’re much too large for beavers to move.

So Bill and I have a formulated a theory: it’s a training facility.  Prove us wrong if you dare.

Bodysmith of Northfield reopens upstairs in the Tiny’s Building

The Tiny's Building, downtown Northfield, 2011 Entrance to the BodySmith of Northfield Jeff Woods, owner, BodySmith of Northfield BodySmith of Northfield
Last March I blogged about the purchase of the Tiny’s Building and the plans for it. It’s all done. Building co-owner Bill Nelson has placed a new ‘Tiny’s Building’ sign on the exterior and leased the refurbished 2nd floor to Jeff Woods for his BodySmith of Northfield fitness studio & training center, where they give exercise and nutrition programs, but you may ask how much does nutrisystem cost? is not expensive, since is a system that you can buy online and use it for lose weight. He’s also added some muscles to the Tiny’s dog at the entrance.

 BodySmith of Northfield BodySmith of Northfield BodySmith of Northfield BodySmith of Northfield
Last week I paid a visit to the studio while a spinning class was in session. I hope to soon pay a visit to Fit to be Tri’d which has leased and moved into the retail space on the main floor.

Biking the gravel to Murphy-Hanrehan and back

Griff Wigley, Bill Nelson, Jerry Bilek, Ben Witt On the gravel: Bill Nelson and Griff Wigley. Photo by Ben Witt. Jerry Bilek and a crop duster. Photo by Ben Witt. On the gravel: Bill Nelson, Griff Wigley, Ben Witt. Photo by Ben Witt.
Bill Nelson, Jerry Bilek, Ben Witt, and I took off on our mountain bikes from GBM at about 7:30 this morning, riding primarily gravel roads to the mountain bike trail in the Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve, just south of Savage.

Murphy-Hanrehan mapJerry Bilek at Murphy-Hanrehan. Photo by Ben Witt. Ben Witt, Jerry Bilek, Bill Nelson,  
After riding the 7 mile advanced loop at Murphy, we chowed down at Chipotle in Apple Valley, biked through UMore Park in Dakota County, and arrived back in Northfield in time for dinner. About 85 miles, 9 hours. Whew!

Help the Dundas Dukes clean up Memorial Park on Saturday, Oct 9

Flooded Memorial Park, Dundas, MN I took this aerial photo of Memorial Park in Dundas during the Sept. flooding.  It’s the home park for the Dundas Dukes Class B amateur baseball club.

(Someone has posted six more photos of the flooded field in an album on the Dukes’ Facebook page.)

I got this email from former Dundas Dukes manager Bill Nelson earlier this week: Continue reading Help the Dundas Dukes clean up Memorial Park on Saturday, Oct 9

1982 State Champion Dundas Dukes featured at Target Field; who was on the team?

The wall outside the Town Ball Tavern at Target Field features old photos of amateur baseball teams from all over the state.I took these photos when I attended my first Twins game there last weekend.

Town Ball wall at Target Field Town Ball wall at Target Field 1982 Dundas Dukes photo on Town Ball wall at Target Field
The town ball wall includes a photo of the 1982 Class B Champion Dundas Dukes. (The story of that year is featured on the this Dundas Dukes tournament history page.)

There are 17 people in the photo, 9 in the back row, 8 in the front row.  The only one I’m sure of is Bill Nelson, back row, 6th from the left.

Other players mentioned who played on the teams of the early 80s: Doug Fuchs, Larry Johnson, Dave Howie, Jim Fuchs, Doug Fuchs, Terry Johnson, Davie Howie, Rick Sviggum, Jim Sviggum, Steve Sviggum, Don Freeman, Dick Grass, Bob Klefsaas, Robert Weber, Pete Maus, Jay Olson, Lew Olson.

Let’s see if we can identify all the players in that photo. Attach comments please.

Update 11:15 PM: Former Dundas Dukes manager Bill Nelson emailed me the names of everyone in the photo, including two people from the edges of the photo who were cut off:

Back row: Rory Rice (current President of Dundas Baseball), Kevin Sevcik, Dave Howie, Scott Nelson (1988 State Tournament MVP), Terry Johnson, Bill Nelson, Larry Johnson, Lew Olson (1982 State Tournament MVP), Steve Sviggum (former Speaker of the House).

Front row: Doug Fuchs (cut in half) Steve Hildebrandt, Galen Sevcik, Batboys ? Elofson and Brian Sherwin, Dan Brodin, Dan King and Dick Sviggum.

I sent the picture in and to put it on the wall they cut off two very important figures in the Dundas story.  Jim Fuchs our manager was the first person in the back row and Greg Kozulla a drafted pitcher from Burnsville that came to pitch in Dundas in 1986 was cut off from the right side of the photo.

Update 12:15 PM: Bill emailed me a color version of the photo that includes everyone on the team.

Dundas Dukes 1982

Photo album: Dukes beat Highland

Jim Lawton and Bill Nelson The Dundas Dukes beat Highland Park 13-6 in a non-conference slugfest last night at Memorial Park in Dundas. Among the highlights was Dukes manager Bill Nelson taking a screaming liner to the jaw while sitting in the dugout. He recovered in time to savor the victory over his long-time colleague, Highland Park Manager Jim Lawton.

Robbie and I were the guests of Hizzoner Glenn Switzer and the First Lady of Dundas, Michelle Millenacker. The Mayor’s box seats are saaaaweeeeet!

See the album of 17 photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

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