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New blog: Northfield Nonmotorized

sean-glassesnomo-sshotThe City of Northfield’s Nonmotorized Transportation Task Force sunsets this month. Some of the members started a new blog about a month ago titled Northfield Nonmotorized, with the tagline: “Northfield and Dundas Trails and Bikeways | Safe Routes to School | Mill Towns Trail.”

Sean Hayford O’Leary is the primary blogger thus far, with Neil Lutsky and Bill Ostrem chiming in with comments.

The white stripes, now calming traffic on Lincoln

white striping on Lincoln St./Lincoln ParkwayBill Ostrem, pedestrian/bike advocate, blogger, and chair of the Northfield Area Task Force on Nonmotorized Transportation, alerted me to the new white stripes (no, not The White Stripes) on Lincoln St./Lincoln Parkway. He learned from City Administrator Joel Walinski at the 3rd Ward meeting on Saturday that the striping is for traffic calming. Bill wrote, “As long as there are few cars parked on the street, I see them as being quasi bike lanes. Now we’ll see if they actually slow traffic.” As a chronic speeder, I’m all for more white stripes.