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Photo redux: blizzard, Dec. 11, 2010

While digging through my photo archives to create the new winter-oriented photo banners now at the top of Logro, I browsed through my photo album of the blizzard one year ago today, which I blogged about here.

We received about a foot and half of snow that weekend.  I remember thinking as I was about to cross the open field in the Upper Arb in near-whiteout conditions, Should I do this?  It would be more than a little ironic if I ended up like my grandfather. (He froze to death during the Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940.) I decided that near-whiteout wasn’t the same as complete-whiteout.  I loved it.

See the large slideshow (recommended) or slow click this small slideshow:

Photo album: cross country skiing in a blizzard in the Carleton Arb

Cross-country skiing on the Ann Sipfle Memorial Ski Trail in Carleton’s Lower Arb yesterday was memorable.

 Tim Vick, Laura Vick in the Carleton Arb Blizzard in the Carleton Arb Ann Sipfle Memorial Ski Trail
There were a few of us making the round trip from Lyman Lakes to Waterford Bridge and back, including Tim Vick and his daughter Laura.

See the album of 20 photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

A pretty decent blizzard hits Northfield

1133 Heritage Drive 1133 Heritage Drive 1133 Heritage Drive
After shoveling a tiny perimeter around my garage door this morning, I put on my Steger Mukluks and made the short hike to my neighborhood James Gang Coffeehouse and Eatery. The temp is around zero with a stiff north wind.

James Gang Coffeehouse & Eatery Jeff Ewald, co-owner, James Gang Coffeehouse Mukluks by the fire at James Gang Coffeehouse Greta, Paul, Jeff at the James Gang Coffeehouse & Eatery
Co-owner Jeff Ewald opened up at 7 am sharp and had the fireplace going. Ahhhh.  Later, Jeff teamed up with Greta and Paul to make me a breakfast burrito. Yum.

How much snow did we get? Hard to tell. Lakeville got 17 inches and Faribault got 10, according to NOAA. Somewhere in the middle, it would seem, though I’ll guess high and go with 15.

It’s a beautiful blizzard morning in downtown Northfield

Downtown Northfield in a blizzard Downtown Northfield in a blizzard Downtown Northfield in a blizzard
It’s 6:10am as I’m typing this in my corner office at the Goodbye Blue Monday coffeehouse with a hot cup of coffee.  It was tricky getting out of my driveway and down Heritage Drive to Hwy 3. But from there to downtown, piece o’ cake. Hwy 3’s been plowed, as has the Water St. parking lot and Division St.  They’re working on the sidewalks. Seems like we got about a foot of snow thus far. Winds are ahowling.  I love this stuff.