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Cindy Anderson Last fall, I whined loudly with my Red Cross mishandles a blood donation appointment blog post. Now it’s time for kudos. 

Local volunteer Cindy Anderson (pictured here from a 2008 blood drive) phoned me last week about scheduling an appointment for next week’s blood drive. I told her I preferred to make an appointment via their website and she graciously called back a day later with the details. It works slick. A day later, I even used it to change my appointment time. Here are the links/steps:

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Red Cross logoOn Tuesday, Aug 11, I had a double red cell donation appointment at 1pm at the Northfield Ballroom. When I arrived, donors were told that some supplies had not yet arrived from St. Paul and that it would be a 45 minute delay. I had other things scheduled so I departed, irritated because they have my phone number and could have alerted me. But I’m more irritated now that no one has contacted me in the month since it happened.(continued)

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The Red Cross bloodmobile is at Culver’s today, 9-2pm. And the Nothfield Ballroom is hosting a blood donation center from 1-7pm.

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Clients (Griff's) Volunteerism

Some of the Northfielders who were donating blood yesterday afternoon at the Northfield Ballroom. Left to right: Greta Klawiter, Ken Wedding, Ray Cox, and this year’s Heywood Award recipient, Scott…

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The Red Cross has one-day blood drive today at the Northfield Ballroom (formerly American Legion Ballroom from 1-7 PM. Here’s proof. Call Merrell to make an appointment at 645-9821 or…

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