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John Pauley from Prairie Restorations stopped by my office at GBM last week and told me about the pair of whooping cranes that he spotted in the Carleton Arb recently. …

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I saw a couple of students departing the lower Carleton Arb in their swimming suits on Tuesday night.  I’m guessing they’d been at the beach adjacent to the start of…

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I hauled out my old tripod and a new monopod this morning to try to do a better job at capturing yet another spectacular hoar frost.  I got much better…

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Carleton ArbCoors Light litter in Carleton ArbI’ve got nothing against drinking and smoking outdoors. But when those who do don’t properly dispose of the associated delivery systems, it pisses me off. 

While taking photos in the Carleton Arb earlier this week, I couldn’t help but notice: