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Sue Scriven, Mark Scriven, Jenny Scriven,  Hayes Scriven Alas, I’m a week late with these photos from the Northfield Historical Society (NHS) Annual Meeting and Membership Ball and I didn’t take many as I’d hoped (too much socializing with my sweetie).

But there are a couple of keepers in the batch like the one of Chip DeMann with his registration table work crew and the one of NHS ED Hayes Scriven with his wife Jenny and his parents, Sue and Mark Scriven.

See my album of 13 photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

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The ‘Save the Depot’ committee held a public meeting last Monday, March 1 at the NCRC. Members include Steve Edwins, Lynn Vincent, Rob Martin, Pat Allen, Chip DeMann, Alice Thomas and Clark Webster.

I’ve turned off comments on this blog post. Continue the discussion that’s attached to the Oct. 8 blog post titled Is Northfield’s train depot worth saving?

See the album of 12 photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

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