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Clay Oglesbee, District Superintendent of the MN Methodist southeast MN region and former lead pastor at the Northfield United Methodist Church, has a new blog called Just One More Thing.…

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Carlton Arb I got spammed by Clay Oglesbee today, an email of his e-newsletter which can’t be linked to because he quit blogging, just like he quit Northfield. (I’ll get over it eventually, but not yet.) The title of his newsletter was Emptiness…and Easter and it reminded me 1) why I love to walk by myself in the Carleton Arb; and 2) of some of my favorite solitude-related quotes.

As a spiritually-oriented atheist, I’m a big believer (heh) in grabbing a Shot of Solitude (SOS) regularly. (continued)

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Clay Oglesbee NUMC pastor Clay Oglesbee stops by my confessional at the GBM on a regular basis.

As a sometimes-blogger, plain talker, insightful observer, and a regular guy, he’s the kind of preacher that an atheist like me can relate to.

Plus, he’s quite easy to make fun of.

To wit:

So it was not good news for me last week when I heard that he’s been promoted to District Superintendent (southeast MN region) for the Methodist Church, as it means that he and Mary Lynn, the woman he’s been primarily been sleeping with for many years, must depart Northfield…. a requirement of the Church.

Here’s the press release:

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