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Back to blogging: Clay Oglesbee

Clay blog sshot Clay Oglesbee, District Superintendent of the MN Methodist southeast MN region and former lead pastor at the Northfield United Methodist Church, has a new blog called Just One More Thing.

He describes the blog as “… a tool for expressing opinions, sharing thoughts and reflecting on matters of the spirit.” I consider it an atheist-friendly blog, though he likely has to deny that.

Clay’s now living in exile in Cannon Falls but occasionally sneaks into Northfield on Saturday mornings for inspiration and mood-altering chemicals at the GBM. See our other Clay-related blog posts for more.

It’s Easter week; grab a Shot of Solitude

Carlton Arb I got spammed by Clay Oglesbee today, an email of his e-newsletter which can’t be linked to because he quit blogging, just like he quit Northfield. (I’ll get over it eventually, but not yet.) The title of his newsletter was Emptiness…and Easter and it reminded me 1) why I love to walk by myself in the Carleton Arb; and 2) of some of my favorite solitude-related quotes.

As a spiritually-oriented atheist, I’m a big believer (heh) in grabbing a Shot of Solitude (SOS) regularly. (continued)

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Podcast: Clay Oglesbee – pastor, husband, father, star athlete, ex-Northfielder

Clay Oglesbee and Griff WigleyMy guest (Ross and Tracy abandoned me) today: the soon-to-be-former pastor of the Northfield United Methodist Church, Clay Oglesbee. He’s been promoted to junior emperor District Superintendent of the MN Methodist southeast MN region.

Clay’s last supper sermon is Sunday morning with a wingding of some sort afterwards. He and his wife Mary Lynn will soon be moving to Cannon Falls.

We discussed Northfield’s drug problem, the encroachment of kids’ organized activities on family life, and Christian oppression of atheists.

Click play to listen. 30 minutes. You can also subscribe to the podcast feed, or subscribe directly with iTunes.

Our radio show/podcast, Locally Grown, usually airs Wednesdays at 5:30 PM on KYMN 1080 AM.

Clay Oglesbee promoted to Bishop, Deputy Emperor, Regional Manager, District Superintendent

Clay Oglesbee NUMC pastor Clay Oglesbee stops by my confessional at the GBM on a regular basis.

As a sometimes-blogger, plain talker, insightful observer, and a regular guy, he’s the kind of preacher that an atheist like me can relate to.

Plus, he’s quite easy to make fun of.

To wit:

So it was not good news for me last week when I heard that he’s been promoted to District Superintendent (southeast MN region) for the Methodist Church, as it means that he and Mary Lynn, the woman he’s been primarily been sleeping with for many years, must depart Northfield…. a requirement of the Church.

Here’s the press release:

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Clay Oglesbee, a hero to men everywhere

Clay Oglesbee Last summer, I made fun of Northfield United Methodist Church pastor Clay Oglesbee, shown here at the Blue Monday earlier this week, his wrist in a cast, wracked in pain.

He’s now my hero and should be yours.


Allow me to assemble the elements of the drama:

  • A threatening brown bat (surely Big, not Little).
  • A church sanctuary.
  • Vulnerable women and children in near panic.
  • A long pole.
  • A racquetball racquet.
  • Duct tape.
  • A ladder.
  • Three swings.
  • Two mammals splattered on the concrete; one lives.
  • Sirens.
  • Economic stimulus to Northfield’s medical economy.

Get the picture?

Xmas trees on the boulevard: now you see ’em, now you don’t

Lansing Hardware Lansing Hardware Clay Oglesbee

(Left photo): On Wednesday morning, Lansing Hardware had many of its Christmas trees stacked along both sides of the sidewalk in front of the store and parking lot along Division St. Today, all the trees had been moved off the boulevard (center photo).

I took the photo (right) of blogger and occasional minister Clay Oglesbee passing by in his car. Clay’s the kind of guy who’s pretty much supportive of the idea of Christmas and its related traditions like Christmas trees. I’m not sure about him but I bet most citizens are relieved to have this particular merchant finally in full compliance of the city’s municipal code. If one allows xmas trees to encroach, then pretty soon you’ll have For Sale By Owner signs encroaching, too. 😉 Click all photo thumbnails to enlarge.

Anatomy of a competitor: Clay Oglesbee

Northfield Rotary held their Summer Social on Thursday night and a variety of yard games were part of the festivities. I snapped a series of photos of Pastor Clay Oglesbee, the most prolific blogger in southeast Northfield (see his Soul to Sole blog), in the heat of competition. Click photos to enlarge.

IMG_3435.JPG IMG_3467.JPG IMG_3475.JPG IMG_3471.JPG IMG_3470.JPG

  • Photo 1: the manly way to get psyched up for the softball toss. He was 0 for 3.
  • Photo 2: the correct form for the peanut toss. He was 0 for 7.
  • Photo 3: the beanbag toss. Denied at 5 and 3 yards, he took aim from 12 inches. Denied.
  • Photo 4: Clay’s wife, Mary Lynn, enjoyed great success at the peanut toss. Clay’s facial reaction to her success is obscured in the photo by her hand. Sooo…
  • Photo 5: I digitally removed her hand from the previous photo and zoomed in to reveal his face. You be the judge.

“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Clay recovered nicely from his personal debacle, and later was able to insert his spirited face into this photo of Kris and Rick Estenson.

Pastor Clay Oglesbee’s Sole to Soul blog

clay_oglesbee.jpgClay Oglesbee, lead pastor at the Northfield United Methodist Church, started a blog in January called Soul to Sole.

His blog is part of the church’s Healthy Souls fitness project, and he’s adding several reflection-type posts each week

Northfield News reporter Clarice Grabau wrote about the project in mid-January in an article titled Local churches tackle both physical and spiritual health.

Clay’s blog has an RSS feed so you can subscribe to it with a newsreader but it’s not visible. Use this URL for his RSS feed. He also has the blog’s comments turned off, but his email address is visible on the NUMC contact page.