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Christopher Sawyer at College City Beverage Christopher Sawyer, President of College City Beverage, stopped by my morning office at Goodbye Blue Monday earlier this week to seek our help with finding a photo of their 1982-87 warehouse/headquarters. I then paid a visit to their current HQ in Dundas to see the photos they have of their other buildings.

Christopher later emailed me this:

We are looking for a picture of the building we moved into on the corner of Hwy 3 and 19 where the Movie Gallery, Caribou, Subway, Taco Bell and Country Inn are located.  We moved into that building in 1982 and moved out in 1987. We are putting together a showcase of all of the warehouses that CCB has been located and this is the only one we cannot find a picture of.  Thus far, we have talked with the City of Northfield, Northfield Library, Northfield Historical Society, the lending bank, realtor, and Rice County Historical Society.  

Here are my photos of the photos that they do have:

CCB Warehouse 5 CCB Warehouse 1 CCB Warehouse 2
CCB Warehouse 3 CCB Warehouse 4
Above: my photos of the CCB warehouse photos

Tom Blaisdell Tom Blaisdell and 'The course called Life' Tom Blaisdell and 'The course called Life' 
Above: my photos of CCB’s plaques of Tom Blaisdell and ‘The course called Life’

CCB Warehouse 6 (1720 Cannon Road, 1988-2006) CCB Warehouse 7 (700 Railway St S, Dundas, 2007-present) Jim Sawyer
Above: my photos of (left) CCB’s location at 1720 Cannon Road, 1988-2006  (currently Upper Lakes Foods); (center) CCB’s current location at 700 Railway St S, in Dundas; (right) Christopher’s dad, Jim Sawyer, at the 2006 Chamber holiday party.

Christopher also emailed me this history of the company:


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