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Complete Streets: what are the pros and cons?

National Complete Streets Coalition

Ever since the Plum St. reconstruction debacle, the City Council has shown interest in rethinking our streets and roads.

Nfld News:  City Council is considering new plans to make Northfield roads ‘complete’

The Minnesota Complete Streets Coalition is a cooperative effort that began in 2009 through the work of Fresh Energy, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and Transit for Livable Communities. The coalition “seeks to improve and ensure access to safe travel choices for Minnesotans” by encouraging cities to build their roads with all users in mind, not just cars.

For a street to be "complete," it must take into account what types of transportation the road is used for, how heavy the traffic is and what the surrounding area is like. Along with attending to the needs of road users, the coalition urges cities to make wise environmental choices during construction projects.

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