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Come together for the Northfield Beatles Tribute: Why don’t we do it in the Cow?

Contented Cow bartender Rich Larson and server Erica Johnson Beatles Tribute, Contented Cow 2011 Doug Bratland, Dig and Be Doug
Earlier this evening I coaxed Contented Cow bartender Rich Larson and server Erica Johnson into posing with the poster for tomorrow night’s Beatles Tribute, 6pm – 11:30pm.

More than twenty musicians and bands are coming together for a night of brilliant music.

Rich performs with two other guys, Nate and Neil, at 6:45 pm. See tentative schedule here.

And who did that cool Abbey Road in rural Northfield poster? Poster maker Doug Bratland, a member of the Bratlanders, who I later ran into at the opening of Northfield Ties: A Photography Invitational at the NAG. See many of Doug’s posters on his Tumblr, Dig and Be Doug.

Update 10/1 6:30 am: Doug has these other Abbey Road/Northfield images on his blog:
ArcherHouse BridgeSquare BlueMonday

Photo album: Lowbrow High-Octane 2011

Nick Sinclair at Lowbrow High-Octane 2011 Lowbrow High-Octane 2011, Division St. Northfield Lowbrow High-Octane 2011, art show at the NAG 
Rat Rod Magazine at Lowbrow High-Octane 2011 Music at the Contented Cow, Lowbrow High-Octane 2011 Riverwalk, Lowbrow High-Octane 2011
Nick Sinclair and colleagues hosted Lowbrow-High Octane VI in downtown Northfield on Saturday. Division St. between 4th and 2nd was packed with people and appeared to not have enough room for all the vehicles that showed up.

The event included the Lowbrow art show at the NAG, the Rat Rod Magazine booth, music on the outdoor stage at the Contented Cow, and the evening party scene along the Riverwalk.

Lowbrow High-Octane 2011 sponsors and organizations

Nick also pulled together an impressive list of sponsors and collaborating organizations. This event continues to grow each year (this was #6) and has the potential to take over the entire downtown for a three-day weekend.

See my album of 89 photos, the large slideshow (recommended), or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

Leave the art degree at home. Nick Sinclair takes over downtown Saturday with Lowbrow-High Octane VI: art, cars, rock-n-roll

Nick Sinclair Nick Sinclair Nick Sinclair and Lowbrow-High Octane VI
Once Nick Sinclair fueled up with some GBM caffeine this morning, he smiled and posed for a photo in front of the Lowbrow-High Octane VI banner on Division St. by the Contented Cow.

No parking on Division from noon on because Nick has influence at Northfield City Hall.  This guy could be running for mayor next year so don’t fuck with him.

Here are the details from his Sinclair Hot Rods blogsite:

lowbrow-high-octaneOn September 24th blue collar will descend upon downtown Northfield, Minnesota. Lowbrow – High Octane is an art show, car show and a rock-n-roll show all in one night. The Northfield Arts Guild will be hosting the art show in their gallery located at 304 Division Street S..

For 50 years the Arts Guild has been an important influence in Northfield arts. We are honored they have decided to show some art from a few grease monkeys. The gallery will be showing the art all week, but the big day is the 24th. The gallery will be open from 4-9pm. Come meet a few of the artists, buy some art and eat some free food.

The show is free! Yeah, I said it. FREE.

All makes, years and styles are welcome as long as it’s classic or hot rod. Show up in your Prius and we will charge you! We have 3 blocks of downtown Northfield reserved for your machine. Space is limited so get there at 5pm! Last year we filled our lot in about 20 minutes!

The Contented Cow is the epicenter of loud music, $5 burger plates and PBR specials. The “Cow” is located right next to the Northfield Arts Guild and overlooks the Cannon River. Music will start around 6pm on the outside stage and then the music moves indoors around 9ish. The bands are: Mr. Sticky, Reckless Ones, Violent Shifters and Rifflord!

The entire show is free to attend. The gallery show, car show (spectators and car entries) and the music!

Photos: Stone Soup at the Contented Cow

Stone Soup at the Contented CowA few weeks ago, Robbie and I were having a drink on the outdoor patio of the Contented Cow, chatting with Northfielder Jon Bjork about the progress of his putting together a new band.  He mentioned that they were struggling to come up with a name for the band and after listening to his description of the process they were using, Robbie suggested the name Stone Soup, which the Wikipedia describes as "an old folk story in which hungry strangers persuade local people of a town to give them food. It is usually told as a lesson in cooperation, especially amid scarcity."

So she was delighted to hear that the band adopted the name and we got to hear them play on Friday night after doing the downtown Northfield Art Crawl.

Jon’s calendar of events announcement on Northfield.org has the details on the band:

Featuring rock and blues from the seminal sixties and seventies served up by some well known local musicians who have played in bands together for over 30 years! Join Dave Drentlaw on drums/vocals and Jon Bjork on guitar/vocals with fellow townie Chris Perry also on guitar/vocals and Jeff Lien on bass for some classic feel good sounds outside at the Cow!

Stone Soup at the Contented Cow Stone Soup at the Contented Cow Stone Soup at the Contented Cow

Stone Soup at the Contented Cow Stone Soup at the Contented Cow Stone Soup at the Contented Cow

Big bubbles as performance art in downtown Northfield

One of the cool things about Northfield’s downtown Riverwalk and footbridge area is that it intersects with the outdoor patio, deck, and stage area of the Contented Cow. So when there’s a big crowd at the Cow for outdoor music, it draws a crowd of observers on the footbridge and Riverwalk. And sometimes entertainers emerge from that crowd.
big soap bubbles in downtown Northfield big soap bubbles in downtown Northfield big soap bubbles in downtown Northfield big soap bubbles in downtown Northfield
On Friday night during the JuneBug Festival of Music, someone began entertaining the crowd with big soap bubbles.  My good camera is in the shop for lens cleaning but I managed to capture a bit of the performance art of big bubbles with my smartphone camera.

See BigBubblers.com for more about big soap bubbles as performance art.

JuneBug 2011 kicks off today. Featured bands: Optimum Trajectory; The Big Strong Men

JuneBug Festival of Music  
The Contented Cow’s 4 day JuneBug Festival of Music kicks off today. Although two of the bands performing today didn’t perform at last year’s JuneBug, I’ve blogged about their Northfield performances.

Optimum Trajectory Optimum Trajectory 2 
Twin Cities jazz sextet Optimum Trajectory performed at the Cow in February.

Big Strong Men 5 Big Strong Men 4 Big Strong Men 3 Big Strong Men 2 Big Strong Men 1
Last July I blogged about a band that "wowed the audience (wide age range) in ways that I’d not seen in a while in Northfield:" The Big Strong Men

They headlined a show at First Avenue back in Feb. See this article in the Badger Herald for more on the band.

Below: my two-minute video clip of them at the Cow:


See all the previous JuneBug blog posts, including those with photo albums.

Photos and video: Prairie Creek Group at the Contented Cow’s Mayfly Festival

Prairie Creek Group at the Mayfly Festival, 2011, Contented Cow Prairie Creek Group at the Mayfly Festival, 2011, Contented Cow Peter Diggins & daughter, Prairie Creek Group at the Mayfly Festival, 2011, Contented Cow Peter Diggins & daughter, Prairie Creek Group at the Mayfly Festival, 2011, Contented Cow 
The threat of rain chased the Prairie Creek Group indoors last Saturday during the 2011 Mayfly Festival at the Contented Cow.  Members: Alisa Leonard, lead vocals; Dave Drentlaw, drums; Peter Diggins, guitar and vocals; Bo Aylin guitar and vocals; Joel Cooper, bass and backup vocals; Peter Diggins’ daughter, piggyback. 

The video clip below:

Don’t think twice, it’s alright to celebrate Bob’s birthday today

Ross "Tits" CurrierAction-Athena-2011-04-18-call_me_titsEver since his daughter Athena’s comic strip about his anatomical nickname as a kid, Ross Currier has been using his physical attributes to advertise various causes.

This morning it was his Duluth Does Dylan t-shirt which he was using to promote tonight’s Dylan Fest at the Contented Cow, celebrating Bob’s 70th birthday today:

More than 20 Northfield area musicians will perform songs from Dylan’s legendary catalogue in a five hour concert on The Contented Cow’s popular outdoor stage.

I’ve obtained the performance schedule. Ross’ band, the New Moon Trio, performs at 7:40.

220px-Bob_Dylan_-_Azkena_Rock_Festival_2010_2 Dylan Show Complete Schedule