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Join mayor-elect Dana Graham for a live text chat today, 8-9 pm

Dana Graham and Griff WigleyNorthfield Mayor-elect Dana Graham stopped by my corner office stand-up table at the Spur this morning. He’d finally gotten some sleep after being up all night for the election on Tuesday so he was more than marginally coherent.

Lately I’ve been sermonizing lecturing brow-beating suggesting to him and a few other city officials that the time is ripe for using a variety of online tools to ramp up citizen engagement. The City’s new website will launch early next year but the technology by itself won’t automatically make citizen engagement happen.

So I proposed a few different ways that he could do a "Q&A with the Mayor-elect" here on LoGro and he opted for a live, one-hour text chat.

Here’s the FAQ:

WHEN IS IT? Monday, Nov. 12, 8-9 pm.

WHERE? Right here in this LoGro blog post.  I’ll move it to the top of the page on Monday so it’ll be easy to find.

WHAT DO I NEED TO PARTICIPATE? If you’re reading this on an internet-connected device, you’ll need nothing beyond what you’re using now. 

HOW DO I PARTICIPATE? Just type your comments or questions in the text box.  I’ll select the ones that I think are best for Dana to respond to.

WHAT?! HE MIGHT NOT EVEN SEE MY QUESTION OR COMMENT? Correct. I’m the emperor moderator.

WHAT IF I CAN’T ATTEND? You can submit a comment or question ahead of time. Attach it to this blog post just like any comment.  I’ll archive a transcript of the chat here so after it’s all over, you can read what happened at your leisure.


Free live text chat: WordPress Q&A on Tuesday, June 28, 10 am

Got a question about WordPress, either the .com or .org versions?

Join me for a free live text chat here on LoGro, Tuesday, June 28, 10-11 am and I’ll answer as many WordPress-related questions as possible.

The Q&A is mainly intended for beginning and intermediate level users, including those who are the administrators and editor of their blog sites as well as those who are just authors or contributors.

Use the form below to email yourself a reminder about the event’s date/start time: Tuesday, June 28, 10-11 am.

If you can’t attend the live event:

  • Submit a question ahead of time by attaching a comment below to this blog post
  • Come back anytime after the event is over to read the transcript

Live chat and live video for Thursday’s HPC meeting at 4:30 pm

We’re teaming up with KYMN Radio 1080 AM for today’s Northfield Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) meeting at City Hall which will focus on the proposed new building at 25 Bridge Square.

We’ll have both the video and live-chat on both sites, and all chat conversation across both sites will be visible in either site’s chat window so it doesn’t matter which site you visit. Continue reading Live chat and live video for Thursday’s HPC meeting at 4:30 pm

Interactive live blogging at the May 4 City Council meeting

In early Feb. I tested an interactive live blogging tool called CoverItLive and liked it.  I’ve not used it since because there’s no wi-fi available (GRRRR) during City Council or School Board meetings, two events that would seem to lend themselves to interactive live blogging.  But there’s now an app called PDAnet for my Android / T-Mobile G1/Google phone that allows it to easily be used as a tethered USB modem. (It’s slow, since there’s still no T-Mobile 3G service here in Northfield (GRRR) I plan to try using it tonight for the City Council meeting.

11 am update: I’m doing a test to see if my 2G connection speed will be able to handle it. Ignore for now.

11:45 am update: DONE! It works. (continued)

Continue reading Interactive live blogging at the May 4 City Council meeting

Locally Grown live chat: a test Monday night at 8 pm

chat-bubble Last week, the Strib hosted a one hour live chat with its opinion journalist, Lori Sturdevant, on the topic of the state deficit and other issues at the Legislature.  I liked how it was done and the web service they used for it so we’re going to experiment doing live chats here on Locally Grown, typically focused on an important issue with one or more guests/panelists.

I’ve tentatively scheduled a live chat with RepJ reporter Bonnie Obremski on the business story that she wrote last week for tomorrow night, Tues. March 3, 8 pm.  I hope to have some other featured panelists included, too.

But first, I’m going to test it tonight at 8 pm, right here in this blog post. The topic: Locally Grown, of course. Ask questions about our new design, the advertising, the traffic, the content, the discussions, guest bloggers, etc.