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Tokyo Grill is Northfield’s sushi destination restaurant

Tokyo Grill, Northfield

The Tokyo Grill (“Japanese Steakhouse”) opened in the old Wendy’s on S. Hwy 3 last summer. It has become a favorite sushi restaurant for me and Robbie and, judging by the crowds, many other Northfielders, including (last Saturday eve):

DSC07389 Dinner at Tokyo Grill, prior to the Northfield Area Family YMCA's Daddy Daughter Dance
Dave Machacek (Mr. ArtOrg – left photo), and two dads and their daughters (right photo) on their way to the Northfield Area Family YMCA’s Daddy Daughter Dance.

Tokyo Grill, Northfield Robbie Wigley, Tokyo Grill, Northfield Tokyo Grill, Northfield
Two of our favorite menu items.

Photo albums: ArtOrg’s opening of the Glen Hanson Gallery

Last Sunday, Robbie and I attended the opening of the ArtOrg exhibit Glen Hanson Gallery: Now and Then, held at ArtOrg’s HQ on the grounds of Switzer’s Nursery and Landscaping just north of Castle Rock on Hwy 3.

ArtOrg’s Dave Machacek has a Flickr album/set of the opening, with all photos by Dan Iverson.

See Dan’s album of 136 photos, the large slideshow (recommended), or this small slideshow:

Knowing that Dan Iverson was taking lots of attendee photos freed me up to take other kinds of photos, like ones of Glenn Switzer prepping the roasted hog, as well as a few artsy fartsy shots:

Glenn Switzer's roasted hog Glenn Switzer's roasted hog DSC01262

See my album of 49 photos, view the large slideshow (recommended), or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

Artorg exhibit opens Sunday – Glen Hanson Gallery: Now and Then

ArtOrg‘s Dave Machacek stopped by my morning office at the GBM today to let me know about Sunday’s opening of the exhibit, Glen Hanson Gallery: Now and Then:

ArtOrg's Dave MachacekOn Sunday, October 2, ArtOrg is honored to open an exhibit of 13 artists called “Glen Hanson Gallery: Now and Then”. The Glen Hanson Gallery ran from 1978 to 1982 and anchored the Minneapolis Warehouse District along with the next-door New French Café. Thanks to this energy, artists represented in this gallery could, for the first time, make a living as artists. The booklet given below puts the importance of the Gallery in context in terms of old articles and gallery ephemera.

All of the artists in the exhibit continue to work today. We will be exhibiting one new work and one old work from each artist. The opening event for the exhibit will be on Sunday, October 2 and will start about 3pm. There will be a performance by the Glen Hanson Band first about 4 pm, followed by food at 5 pm, and then comments in the gallery about 7 pm. Please join us.

Where is ArtOrg these days?

At Switzer’s Nursery and Landscaping, 26601 Chippendale Avenue, Northfield, 55057. Gallery is 8 miles north of Northfield on Highway 3, near the town of Castle Rock.

Dave Machacek does Pecha Kucha Night

pechakucha-logo ArtOrg Executive Director Dave Machacek presents at this week’s Pecha Kucha night in the Twin Cities. See his blog post and Friday’s Strib article titled PowerPoint on speed? You pecha. And, you might ask, what is Pecha Kucha Night?

Each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds each – giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show.

This sounds like something that should happen in Northfield.