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Northfield School Board hosts a reception honoring Chris Richardson, MN Superintendent of the Year

Supt of the Year invitation IMG_20120224_062300 IMG_20120224_062327
The Northfield School Board held a reception at the Northfield Golf Club last night honoring Chris Richardson for his MASA award as Minnesota’s 2012 Superintendent of the Year. See the Oct. 31, 2011 press release on the Northfield School District’s site for details on the honor.

High School teacher Kevin Dahle was the Master of Ceremonies and spiced things up throughout with his comedian routine, eg, "I’d like to thank the decorations committee for the wonderful country club theme" and "When the reception is over, please follow last in-first out protocol for your departure" and "The cake is sponsored by the MN legislature but you can only eat 60% of it now with the rest available…"  Clever guy, that Kevin.  Even Dave Neuger got into it: "Chris is a wonderful person, hard working, extremely talented, respected by… um… ah…. let’s see… help me out here, Chris, I’m having trouble reading your handwriting."  None of those are exact quotes but close enough.

Unfortunately, I only had my crappy smartphone camera to use for photos and as you’ll see, it doesn’t do well indoors.

School Board Chair Ellen Iverson; teacher Kevin Dahle Master of Ceremonies, comedian, teacher Kevin Dahle IMG_20120223_183456 School Board Vice Chair Kari Nelson

Dave Neuger Matt Hillman, District Director of HR and Technology Jessie Montano, Deputy Commissioner, MN Dept of Education Paul Erickson, President of ATS&R (award sponsor); Chris Richardson, Gary Amoroso, Executive Director, MASAPaul Erickson, President of ATS&R (award sponsor); Chris Richardson, Gary Amoroso, Executive Director, MASA Chris Richardson, Minnesota’s 2012 Superintendent of the Year IMG_20120223_192025

NEC convenes coworking group; photos of CoCo MSP’s new Mpls space show what’s possible

Northfield, MN Coworking group meeting, Dec. 5, 2011 Northfield, MN Coworking group meeting, Dec. 5, 2011 Northfield, MN Coworking group meeting, Dec. 5, 2011 Northfield, MN Coworking group meeting, Dec. 5, 2011 
Yesterday afternoon, Megan Allen Tsui, Executive Director of the Northfield Enterprise Center (NEC), convened a meeting of possible stakeholders and other people interested in creating a coworking/incubator/accelerator space in Northfield (background blog post here). We met in a conference room at the Neuger Communications Group.

Other attendees: Ross Currier (NDDC), Tami Enfield, Rick Estenson (First National Bank Northfield, NEC, Chamber), Kathy Feldbrugge (Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce), Jody Gunderson (City of Northfield), Beth Kallestad (CRWP), Julie Kildahl, Dave Neuger (Neuger Communications Group, Chamber), Rhonda Pownell (Northfield City Council), Donna Rae Scheffert, Mary Schmelzer (Northfield Enterprise Center),  Justin Volling (St. Olaf student), and Erica Zweifel (Northfield City Council).

Tentative next steps include a community awareness meeting in January, as well as a couple of coworking jellies.

After the meeting, I attended an event at CoCo MSP’s new space in the Grain Exchange Building in downtown Minneapolis.

Here are some photos of what it now looks like, with its:

CoCo MSP Minneapolis CoCo MSP Minneapolis
large event space;

CoCo MSP Minneapolis CoCo MSP Minneapolis CoCo MSP Minneapolis
open tables;

CoCo MSP Minneapolis CoCo MSP Minneapolis CoCo MSP Minneapolis CoCo MSP Minneapolis
and dedicated desk and ‘campsite’ spaces.

Gong! It’s time for an open house at Neuger Communications Group

Leah Rich and Penny Hillemann, Neuger Communications GroupI got an email late last week from Leah Rich at Neuger Communications Group, alerting me to an open house tomorrow, Oct 27, from 4-6 pm at their new HQ on Bridge Square in the heart of downtown Northfield.

They moved into the site of the former downtown location of Community Resource Bank a month ago under a lease-to-own arrangement with the First National Bank of Northfield which had foreclosed on the previous owner of the building, Mendota Homes.

 Neuger Communications Group - exterior Neuger Communications Group - exterior Carol O’Neill
So I talked Leah and VP Penny Hillemann into giving me a tour on Monday, an excuse to take some photos of their new space. Office manager Carol O’Neill greeted me at the door.

 Neuger Communications Group - interior Neuger Communications Group - interior Neuger Communications Group - interior
The open space and windows looking out on Bridge Square and Division are stunning. Even cooler is the extent to which local organizations were involved in the renovation. From the press release:

The list of area people and organizations that played a significant role in the renovation include: Bierman’s Home Furnishings and Flooring, Blesener’s Quality Exteriors, City of Northfield, Custom Glass & Mirror, First National Bank of Northfield, Jennifer Wolcott, Keith Pumper Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Koktavy & Daleiden Painting, LLC, Lamperts Yards, Inc., Lars Stromayer, Nerstrand Custom Cabinets, Northfield Construction Company, Northfield Economic Development Authority, Schulz Electric, Inc., ServiceMaster by Ayotte, SMSQ Architects and Southern Minnesota Woodcraft. Northfield Construction Company served as the general contractor and Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates was the principal architect of the renovation in partnership with roofing findlay oh.

Dave Neuger, gong master
Founder and CEO Dave Neuger was unavailable while I was there.  He was busy installing another gong, this time under the table in the big conference room. Gong?  Yep. Ask him about the gong.

Neuger to buy the Aldsworth and Community Resource Bank buildings on Bridge Square

19 and 25 Bridge Square Neuger Communications Group McGuire Building

I saw a Tweet by Neuger Communications Group staffer Lauren Melcher yesterday, linking to a press release that Neuger is buying the vacant Community Resource Bank building at 25 Bridge Square, as well as the Aldsworth Building at 19 Bridge Square.  The Neuger Communications Group currently occupies the lower level of the McGuire Building next to the Northfield Liquor Store (right photo above).

These two Bridge Square buildings were in the news in late 2009: Proposed historic-looking office building would ‘replace’ the Aldsworth.

This is great news for downtown Northfield.  And it gives me some other ideas.