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Photo album: The Art of Mathematics in Wood

Northfielder Barry Cipra, freelance mathematics writer, alerted me to the one-day (Oct. 21) exhibit at Dean Kjerland’s ArtOnWater Gallery last week: The Art of Mathematics in Wood- a special evening of mathematical puzzles, games, and art. The invitation poster reads:

Art of Math in WoodBarry CipraThis handsome, hands-on collection of puzzles and games can be appreciated on many levels, from novice to expert. There are building blocks for sculpture and design, put-together and take-apart puzzles, arrangement puzzles, sequential movement puzzles, sliding block puzzles, and two-person games.

Loren Larson, professor emeritus of mathematics at St. Olaf College, constructed many of these pieces while working with award-winning mathematics writer Barry Cipra. Come play with the puzzles and join Loren and Barry for an evening of entertaining mathematics. Its free. Light refreshments will be served. Students are welcome.

This Northfield event is part of the international Celebration of Mind in honor of Martin Gardner the renowned mathematical expositor and longtime author of the Mathematical Games column for Scientific American.

See the album of 13 photos (large slideshow, recommended), or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

Northfield’s mathematical artists: Barry Cipra, Sharol Nau, Trygve Wastvedt

Loopy Love by Barry Cipra Longest and Shortest Crease-B by Sharol Nau iteration by Trygve Wastvedt
I got an email from Dean Kjerland at ArtOnWater Gallery that of the 58 artists selected to exhibit at the 2011 Joint Mathematics Meetings convention in New Orleans in January, three are from Northfield: Barry Cipra, Sharol Nau, and Trygve Wastvedt.

And at the same meeting, according to an email from Barry:

Paul Zorn, from the math department at St. Olaf, will be taking over as president of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) at the conclusion of the meeting in New Orleans.  This is really a big deal.  The MAA is one of the premier professional mathematics organizations in the world.  Paul’s been active in it for decades.

Update 12/3: Barry Cipra emailed me some photos from the St. Olaf "Celebration of Mind" art exhibit in October:

 IMG_0294_2 IMG_0287_2

IMG_0283_2 IMG_0274_2 IMG_0266_2



Riverwalk Market Fair debuts Saturday

Lori Williams, Dean Kjerland  Riverwalk Market Fair NEG adv RMF logo
Musician Lori Williams (alto sax, piano, vocals with new band ‘Lore’) accosted Dean Kjerland in the middle of Division St. tonight, plastering the back page ad for Riverwalk Market Fair, “The Art of a summer Saturday,” from the June NEG next to his ‘staff’ button.

The Riverwalk Market Fair Grand Opening is tomorrow, 9-2, downtown Northfield. The ad includes this:

Fine Art and Fine Craft
Browse a changing weekly palette of various media: oil, watercolor, acrylics, pottery, glass, sculpture, fiber, jewelry, wood art, mixed media. Lower Riverwalk, east side of the Cannon.

Fresh, Local Produce
our region’s finest growers of local and organic fruits and vegetables, and producers of minimally processed meats and cheeses, the best meat to get is the Top Sirloin. Don’t forget the fresh cut flowers for your table! Adjacent to Bridge Square in Sesquicentennial Legacy Plaza.

Artisan Foods
Taste the quality difference… check out our handcrafted breads and pastries, fresh coffees, old family recipes and new creations. Eat here and take some home.

For more, see:

Coming soon: the Riverwalk Market Fair

Riverwalk Market Fair signArt On Water Gallery, home of the Riverwalk Arts Quarter I noticed a ‘Riverwalk Market Fair’ sign on the door of Dean Kjerland’s Art On Water Gallery on Water Street, now home to the Riverwalk Arts Quarter (RAQ).

A Google search on the phrase ‘Riverwalk Market Fair’ brings up a single result, this week’s March 9 City Council packet:

The City has received a request from Riverwalk Market Fair to use public spaces between 2nd and 5th Street (Bridge Square and Riverwalk area) for a summer market. The event is proposed for Saturday’s 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. from May through October. The proposed market would feature local fine arts, fine crafts, cut flowers, local produce, artisan foods and other products as well as musicians and street performers. The Riverwalk Market Fair has filed to become a Minnesota nonprofit organization.

The RAQ web site and RAQ Facebook group make no mention of this exciting development. Anyone have details?

Ice circles forming below Ames Mill dam

ice circles below Ames Mill damice circles below Ames Mill damI got a call from Dean Kjerland at Art On Water Gallery yesterday, alerting me to some lily pad-like ice floes circulating below the Ames Mill dam. He wondered whether they were pollution related. Rob Schanilec at By All Means Graphics theorized that last summer’s repairs to the adjacent retaining wall may be causing a different circulation pattern in the water, as he doesn’t remember this phenomenon occurring.

Wikipidia has an entry on ice circles. Evidently, there are two different types. More photos here.

Update 12/25: Patrick Enders emailed me this photo of a single large ice circle at the foot of the dam that he took with his iPhone about 1-2 weeks ago. He says in a comment below that there were two of them.

ice circles below Ames Mill dam - Patrick Enders photo

Update 01/12: Another batch of ice circles has formed during the current cold snap:

Art at City Hall

Art at City Hall Art at City Hall

I got a tip from Dean Kjerland on this new art installation at Northfield City Hall. The center panel reads:

Art at City Hall 2009
…inspiration; sufficiently enabled

art glass panels: American Opal Glass
commissioned by: Norman Butler
project chair: Dixon Bond
design: Dean Kjerland
special thanks: Joel Walinski

‘Twould be cool if there was more information about this (and other RAQ news) on the dormant Riverwalk Arts Quarter (RAQ) website.

Podcast: Dean Kjerland on Northfield’s new Riverwalk Arts Quarter

Dean Kjerland, Griff Wigley, Ross CurrierRiverwalk Arts Quarter mapOur podcast/radio show guest yesterday: ArtOnWater’s Dean Kjerland, discussing the latest developments with the Riverwalk Arts Quarter which was funded last fall by the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF). Dean blogged about the Riverwalk Arts Quarter on Northfield.org last September. Update 3/20: The Riverwalk Arts Quarter website is now up, and there is a Riverwalk Arts Quarter Facebook group, too.

Click play to listen. 30 minutes. You can also download the MP3 or subscribe to the podcast feed, or subscribe directly with iTunes. Continue reading Podcast: Dean Kjerland on Northfield’s new Riverwalk Arts Quarter