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Photo redux: DJJD Kiddie parade

My own economic development activities will prevent me from taking DJJD photos this weekend. So here are a couple of slideshows from yesteryear, featuring the DJJD Kiddie Parade.

See my 2008 DJJD Kiddie Parade album, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

See my 2005 DJJD album (with most of the photos from the Kiddie Parade), the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

A Soldier’s March for Peace ends today; Gunnar returns for Townie Night

Gunnar SwansonA Soldier's March for Peace window display The other graphic on the First National Bank Northfield’s window is the Soldier’s March for Peace, part of the War Kids Relief project.

I phoned Gunnar Swanson this morning and yes, he’s in Faribault this morning and is finishing his 1000-mile Soldier’s March for Peace walk from Texas to Minnesota today. His ASM4P blog tells the whole story of his walk, but here are the details of his arrival today for DJJD Townie Night and the weekend:

9/10, Thursday – Northfield:  5pm Gunnar will meet Northfield high school students in parking lot of NF HS and walk the last mile with him to Bridge Square in center of Northfield for Townie Night.  Northfield always throws this and there will be food and fun stuff to do.  Very family oriented. Actually EVERYONE is invited to participate in this…not just highschoolers. Looks like the DJJD royalty and the James Gang will be coming too! 🙂 There will be a reception in Bridge Square at 6:00pm.

9/11, Friday – Cannon Falls:  8am Gunnar and Dina will be at Cannon Falls Elementary to meet with all the students This will be amazing…don’t miss it! The entire Cannon Falls student body (pre-school through 12th graders) will gather to hear Gunnar’s and my final presentation (the one we have give to YMCA kids over the past 10 weeks) and then write letters for kids in Iraq and Afghanistan. They will also make a human tunnel from the elementary school to the high school for Gunnar to walk through..all wearing red, white and blue and holding flags. How cute!     KARE-11 is coming to do a story on this as well.

9/12, Saturday – Northfield:  4:30pm Gunnar will give "the" speech near Bridge Square where the big bank robbery showdown was and will be presented with a check from VFW. Yes, this will be before the 5:00 bank raid reinactment. The VFW and American Legion Honor Guard will be holding the flags to honor Gunnar as he makes a short speech and thanks all who supported/donated. Also, the VFW will be making a donation at that time, and any other local businesses who want to make a public donation can do it then as well.

Update on the temporary skate park: dos and don’ts, repairs, no mixing with cowboys

Skatepark rules Skatepark repairs Skatepark repairs skatepark closed sign
Left: There’s now a big poster of dos and don’ts tacked up on one of the ramps at the temporary skatepark at Babcock. Nice.

Center: the ramps are taking a beating, but they’re being repaired

Right: The skatepark is closed all day this Wed. because the DJJD committee is having its Sponsors Thank You Pig Roast at the rodeo grounds on Wed. at 5 pm.

I don’t understand the reasoning for the latter, as the the skate park is not really very close to where the DJJD tent is set up.  And the James-Younger Gang doesn’t really perform at the event. They just ‘appear.’  Somebody’s being too cautious here, it seems.

Maggie Lee announced as the recipient of the 2009 DJJD Heywood Award

Maggie Lee Maggie Lee Maggie Lee and committee Maggie Lee Maggie Lee and Jeanne Schobrich
Maggie Lee was informed about 30 minutes ago that she’s the the 2009 recipient of the Joseph Lee Heywood Distinguished Service Award. The award “… is given to a Northfield citizen who exemplifies the commitment to public service which Joseph Lee Heywood lived and died for.”

The announcement was made at the Northfield News where Maggie works. (See the album of a dozen photos here.) Maggie will be honored at the Defeat of Jesse James Days Heywood Award Dinner in September. Here are two albums that feature Maggie from 2004. (continued)

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