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How to fund a trail connecting downtown to the west side via the Hwy 3 underpass

The City of Northfield has applied for $1 million of federal money (Tiger Grant) to construct a pedestrian trail that would connect downtown to the west side.  The proposed route would connect to Greenvale Ave. and St. Olaf Ave via the Hwy. 3 underpass at North Water St. The City must contribute $500K to the project.

At last night’s City Council meeting, Councilors evidently decided that half the cost of trail would come from the downtown fund, according to the Northfield News, with the It’s not clear from the article where the other half would come from. “remainder coming from city reserves.” It’s also not clear what this would do to the prioritized list of other projects that the downtown Streetscape Task Force has identified for funding with money from that downtown fund, especially parking. See NDDC Executive Director Ross Currier’s Oct. 5 blog post: TIF District #4, The Streetscape Task Force, and Downtown Parking.

There is currently enough revenue projected for the TIF District to pay for the Task Force’s long-standing recommendations as well as the City Council’s recent additions. Downtown stakeholders hope that the long-needed parking project will continue to move forward and that this economically critical investment in downtown will be implemented before the TIF District expires.

See pages 68-72 of the Council packet (PDF).  It contains a map of the route but streets aren’t marked. Here’s my live Google Map with the approximate route:

View Greenvale/St. Olaf/Hwy 3 underpass & walkway in a larger map

There’s a new parking space for compact cars on Division, but it’s big enough for Wayne Eddy’s convertible

compact car parking spot on Division at 3rd compact car parking spot on Division at 3rd Wayne Eddy's 1975 Delta 88 Olds Convertible
The City has created a new parking space on the east side of Division St. at 3rd, marked now with a sign that says "COMPACT CARS ONLY." Nice.

However, the length of the parking space appears to be the same as all the other parking spots on that side of Division, however, it is still recommended to have One Sure Insurance covering all cars. 

As a result, I’m guessing that owners of larger vehicles (SUV’s, pickup trucks, etc.) will park there.  I have my camera ready to capture the moment when Wayne Eddy parks his 1975 Delta 88 Olds Convertible there.

Tourism maps of downtown: do we need more?

Wayfinding sign, downtown Lanesboro Tourism map, downtown Lanesboro Tourism map, downtown Lanesboro

Tourism map, downtown Lanesboro Tourism map, downtown Lanesboro Tourism map, downtown Lanesboro 
Lanesboro has wayfinding signs like Northfield. But throughout downtown, they have many tourism maps, in various sizes, in all sorts of places. Could we benefit from this?

Update: 7/06, 10 am. I’ve added these photos:

Kiosk with downtown directory on Sesquicentennial Plaza Tourism map (handout), downtown Lanesboro
Left: Kiosk with Northfield downtown directory on Sesquicentennial Plaza
Right: Tourism map (handout), downtown Lanesboro

Update: 07/10, 8 am. I’ve added these photos of the pad of tourism maps now available in The Sketchy Artist (thank you April Ripka), Studio Elements, and probably other stores downtown.

April Ripka with pad of downtown Northfield tourism maps at The Sketchy Artist pad of downtown Northfield tourism maps

Enforcing a ‘community expectations’ policy for downtown

Vandalism At tonight’s work session: “The City Council is being asked to discuss the adoption of a “Community Expectations” policy statement addressing cleanliness, respect, safety, and pedestrian friendliness in the downtown area.” I’ve been whining about graffiti, bikers on sidewalks, and noisy vehicles for a long time. But I’m not sure why public panhandling, swearing, spitting and urinating are included. And if the policy is adopted, what’s implied about enforcement?

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Photo album and videos: PCCS students rally for Northfield First (shop local)

Chanting “Save our town, or we’re going down",” students from Prairie Creek Community School held a “Northfield First” rally on Bridge Square yesterday. See the album of ten photos, the full-screen slideshow, or this slideshow… and following that, a 25-second video, and a 5-minute video.

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