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It’s 4/20. Is that a problem?

Statue of Louis Pasteur at San Rafael High SchoolI don’t partake myself but the local college students I talked to this week say today is a still a significant day. I don’t worry about it.

The movie, It’s Complicated, has two very funny segments involving chemical use: one of Jane (Meryl Streep) and Jake (Alec Baldwin) getting drunk and having sex, and another of Jane, Jake and Adam (Steve Martin) getting high at a party.  The abuse of alcohol was problematic; the use of pot, not so much.

Given what’s happening on our local campuses, I’m glad to see local folks focusing their efforts on preventing alcohol abuse. Since it’s 4/20 today, there’s a place where you can get the best bongs on the market. Check out SmokeCartel.

MTF joins the blogosphere; co-sponsors tonight’s event on the impact of drugs on athletic performance

mtf-sshot The Northfield Mayor’s Task Force on Youth Alcohol and Drug Use (MTF) has a new website and it features a blog with an RSS feed, natch.

John Underwood MTF is a co-sponsor of tonight’s presentation at the Northfield High School auditorium titled Pure Performance: The impact of alcohol or drug use on athletic performance by John Underwood, President and Founder of the American Athletic Institute.

Listen to the audio of KYMN’s Jeff Johnson interviewing Northfield High School Activities Director Tom Graupmann and Northfield Police Chief Mark Taylor last week about the program. Graupmann and Taylor also had a commentary in the Aug. 14 Nfld News titled Pure performance: A message for Northfield.

Brent Setterstrom The Brent Setterstrom Memorial Fund is providing financial support for the event.  Brent graduated from Northfield High School in 1994 and died last December. His obituary Guest Book is still online where "You may leave your condolences or share memories…"

An alert from Chief Taylor on the rise in abuse of cough and cold medicines

Mark Taylor Northfield Police Chief Mark Taylor has a letter on Page 8 in the December Northfield High School newsletter (PDF). High School Principal Joel Leer introduces the chief’s letter: “Chief Taylor details some troubling information that is coming out about young people in Rice County who have been abusing cold and cough medicines. Please talk to your children about what they are doing, seeing, and hearing in school.” (continued)

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