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They are strict in Dundas about bikes

Dan Bergeson has a new post titled Mill Towns Trail Update: Dundas Style! on his Bike Northfield blog in which he details, with photos by Glenn Switzer, the construction of the trail head facility in Dundas:

Bike Northfield blogThere is significant progress occurring on this project in 2012. A couple of weeks ago, the trail head facility in Dundas began to take shape. Dundas is roughly 10 miles from Faribault and 3 miles from Northfield.

Several years ago the town constructed a public parking lot at the site of the trail head and a drinking fountain. Now the drinking fountain is being flanked by a pavilion built from timber beams and limestone.

While biking in Dundas last week, I noticed this sign on a telephone pole on Hester Street. I’m not sure what it means exactly but it sure sets the tone: DFWD.

sign in Dundas, MN: Stay on trail or permission revoked

Gooter’s opens in Dundas

Gooter's in Dundas Google search for Gooter's

Gooter’s opens today in the strip mall next to the Subway in Dundas.  According to the Feb. 28 Dundas Messenger:

Owner, Terry Gutowski, decided to expand his ‘dough to go’ operations and start a store in Dundas. The new store will be inclusive of their huge inventory of frozen dough items, including over 50 Flavors of cookie dough, holiday cut out cookies for EVERY occasion, 40+ types of frozen bread and bun doughs, turnovers and puff pastries, natural fruit pies, pot pies, calzones, pasties, and frozen pizza dough.

For those cake decorators and bakers from scratch the store will offer a full line of cake decorating supplies, baking ingredients & over 100 bulk spices. Gooter’s buys most of their products locally, will have an Amish dry food, candy and snacks selection along with featuring one of Minnesota’s largest Gluten Free selections.

Looking for the Gooter’s website? A Google search on the words [Gooter’s Dundas] has a not-so-helpful suggestion.

Update 4/7: Gooter’s Dough to Go website is now up. Nfld News article: Dundas store to offer variety of foods

Update 4/11: Robbie and I stopped by last Saturday to shop and met the owner, Terry Gutowski, and his parents, Pete and Jeanie Gutowski.  Pete told me that the name ‘Gooter’s’ is one of the nicknames that Terry’s had over the years, variations of ‘Gutowski:’  Gute, Guter, Goot, Gooter. He and his wife Jeanie have owned the mall where Gooter’s is located for several years.

Pete Gutowski, Jeanie Gutowski, Terry Gutowski Gooter's in Dundas Jeanie Gutowski

Gooter's in Dundas Gooter's in Dundas Gooter's in Dundas

Glenn and Griff do the Pan Pan

Griff Wigley and Glenn Switzer at Pan Pan Cafe in Nothfield, MN London cheesecake at Pan Pan Cafe in Nothfield, MN Pan Pan Cafe in Nothfield, MN Pan Pan Cafe in Nothfield, MN
Glenn Switzer and I had lunch yesterday at the Pan Pan Café, 3rd and Division in downtown Northfield.

Yum!  The stir fry was superb, the London cheesecake was the best I’ve had in Northfield, and our personable waitress (name?) adeptly handled all the grief we dished out.

Glenn is Mayor of Dundas, a proprietor (with his wife Michelle Millenacker) of Archibald Inn B&B, and a co-owner of Switzer’s Nursery and Landscaping. His blog: Glenn of Dundas.

The ‘Welcome to Dundas’ sign

 Welcome to Dundas Welcome to Dundas Archibald Mill painting Archibald Mill 2008

Left: There’s a ‘Welcome to Dundas’ sign up on S. Hwy 3 just north of Kwik Kopy as you approach Cty. Rd 1 from the north. It’s easy to miss so I’m not sure when the sign went up. Last fall?
Left Center: It’s an attractive sign. Anyone know who designed and created it?
Right Center: At the center of the sign is a painting of the Archibald Mill on the Cannon River.
Right: the Archibald Mill (Wikipedia entry/photo) as of summer, 2008.