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Are there endangered dwarf trout lilies in the Arb?

Lance and I went for a hike in Big Woods State Park about a week ago, and the dwarf trout lilies  were in bloom.  After reading a bit about them (here’s the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service fact sheet) I wondered if there might be some in the Arb or down along the river.

Apparently the dwarf form of the trout lily is ONLY found in three counties in Minnesota, and nowhere else in the world. The foliage of the dwarf trout lilies and the regular trout lilies looks the same and they are found together in the same drifts, so you can’t tell them apart until they bloom.  Trout lilies have six creamy-white tepals (that was a new one for me) and the flower is about the diameter of a nickel. Dwarf trout lilies have 4, 5, or 6 tepals and are about the size of a dime. They also have a slightly pinkish cast.

I went into the Arb and found some trout lilies, but only a few were blooming, and I didn’t see any recognizable dwarf trout lilies.  Does anyone know if the dwarf version has been identified in or around Northfield and/or the Arb?

Here are some more details from the MinnesotaWildflowers blog/website.