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Carleton to leave the Medical Arts Building "on the tax roll at this time"

Ed Kuhlman with a 1927 edition of the National Public Opinion newspaper 1927 edition of the National Public Opinion newspaper 1927 edition of the National Public Opinion newspaper 
Mr. Ed Kuhlman stopped by my morning office at GBM on Friday to show me a newspaper called the National Public Opinion that he found in a recent batch of collectibles he’d purchased. This edition was Volume 1, No. 4, published on July 16, 1927.  In true yellow journalism fashion, the headlines scream:



Faribault, Minnesota, is tied for first place with Northfield, in matter of tax exemptions

The Limit to Tax Exemptions in Northfield, Minnesota is the Sky With the Roof Knocked off

Carleton College seems to run the city.

We laughed because Carleton was in the news this past week for acquiring a commercial property downtown. The Nfld Patch article, Carleton College Purchases Building at 200 Division St., includes an email by Carleton’s VP Fred Rogers. Excerpt:

We believe this is a win for Carleton and a win for Northfield’s downtown. The College will effectively acquire new space in central campus, much cheaper than we could construct it. The office and professional uses of this important downtown building will be reinforced and increased. We intend to honor all existing leases and to leave the building on the tax roll at this time.

If Carleton does take the building off the tax roll, I predict the publisher of the National Public Opinion will turn over in his grave and come back to life as an angry blogger.

Present Perfect Underground is open for the holidays, staffed by a magnificent seven

Present Perfect Underground Ed Kuhlman and Mary Rossing, Present Perfect Underground Present Perfect Underground 
As part of Small Business Saturday (Nfld Patch article), I stopped by Present Perfect Underground yesterday. The shop ("vintage stuff, antiques, furniture, old buttons" says the sign) is located in the lower level of 310 Division St., underneath the Fine Craft Collective

Ed Kuhlman and Mary Rossing were the beauties on duty, but other proprietors are Barb Kuhlman, Tom Buettell, Pam Curry, Jessica Paxton, Jen Severtsgaard, and Mary Titus.

Present Perfect Underground Present Perfect Underground Present Perfect Underground Present Perfect Underground

Ed and Dianne say to stop by Coldwell Banker South Metro today for their open house

Ed Kuhlman at GBMEd Kuhlman stopped by my corner office at GBM this morning with his Coldwell Banker South Metro realtor hat on, a follow-up to an email I got from Dianne Kyte a few days ago:

Griff -  Be sure to drop in at our Open House this Thursday, November 3, 5-8 PM.  We will be serving food and beverages and will be featuring the artwork of Northfield artist Rikki Kobl Nelson. This event is open to the public, but is also a B2B Chamber event.

In the photo, Ed is pointing to a blog post photo I took back in July when Coldwell Banker South Metro moved into the old Present Perfect space in downtown Northfield, between the HideAway Coffeehouse & Winebar and the Hogan Brothers Acoustic Café.

Crazy! Team Coldwell Banker South Metro hugs for the food shelf

A team of realtors from Coldwell Banker South Metro has set up a hugging tent on Division St. to raise money for the Food Shelf at the Community Action Center during today’s Craze Daze.  For every passerby who gets (in my case, “reluctantly consents to”) a hug from a team member, they put one of their own dollars (raised from staff contributions this week) into the food shelf fundraising jar.  Of course, you can put your dollars in the jar, too.

Jim Blaha, Ed Kuhlman, Larry Defries, Jeanette Nelson, Arlen Malecha free hugs, Coldwell Banker South Metro free hugs, Coldwell Banker South Metro Ed Kuhlman hugging a reluctant Griff Wigley 
When I stopped by at 8:15, Jim Blaha, Executive Director of the Northfield Community Action Center, was their poster child.  Hug dispensers included (left photo, L to R, Ed Kuhlman, Larry Defries, Jeanette Nelson, Arlen Malecha.

Yes, Virginia, there is a flea market. In Ames Park. On the 4th of July. Every year.

Ed Kuhlman Maggie Lee Sarah and Joan Spaulding
It’s not on the schedule of events. It’s not mentioned in the Nfld News article nor mentioned in Ross’ blog post. It’s not listed in the July NEG nor on the Northfield.org round-up of weekend happenings.

But I confirmed with Ed Kuhlman this morning that there will again be a big flea market in Ames Park on Sunday, the 4th of July, beginning mid-morning and going most of the day. These photos are from the 2004 flea market.

 Northfield 4th of July flea market in Ames Park Northfield 4th of July flea market in Ames Park Northfield 4th of July flea market in Ames Park

Gail and Ed stump for Sarah; the music begins Friday at 7 pm

IMG_6328Gail Moll and Ed Kuhlman stopped by my corner office at the IMG_6325GBM this week.

They each had flyers about the Sarah Henson benefit concert on Friday night at the Grand Event Center.  Sarah, mother of 4 teens, has a grade four glioblastoma brain tumor.

Sarah Henson and friendsBack in Nov. 2008, friends, family and the Northfield community held a big ‘house party’ for Sarah and enough money was raised to help pay her mortgage for a year. See the blog post with photo albums from the fundraiser. The photo on the left, with Sarah at the center doing a ‘thumbs up’,’ was from that event.

Continue reading Gail and Ed stump for Sarah; the music begins Friday at 7 pm

Recessionary anomalies

Leif KnechtI paid a tech-help visit to Knecht’s Nurseries and Landscaping yesterday morning, and when I saw all the vehicles in the parking lot, I asked Leif Knecht how business was this spring, compared to recent years. “Way up,” he said, pointing his dirty green thumbs skyward. I later asked Deb Knecht why, hoping she’d say it was advertising on LoGroNo. She said she didn’t know but wondered if more people were just deciding to do small things to improve the look of their yards.

Ed Kuhlman This morning I consulted with local economist, realtor, auctioneer, and Girls Night Out veteran dancer Ed Kuhlman this morning and he concurred with Deb. If you’ve decided it’s not a good time to sell your house, you’re more inclined to make small improvements to it since you’re going to be there longer, as well as use it for a staycation.