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Photos: partial lunar eclipse

eclipseset (Photo by Eric Johnson) CannonReclipse (Photo by Eric Johnson) eclipsefull12_10_11 (Photo by Eric Johnson)

I wasn’t aware that there was an eclipse of the moon this morning until I saw it from I-35 at about 7 am on my way to Lebanon Hills for some mountain biking. Fortunately, two other Northfielders were prepared.

Eric Johnson took the above photos from downtown Northfield. He wrote:

Every five minutes I would meander out of GBMonday, take a photo and return for more warm coffee.  This shot was taken from the west side of the Neuger Communications parking lot using a plastic garbage container to steady the camera.  Panasonic FZ40 at 24X optical.

Northfield.org’s Rob Hardy took two photos "from near the Northfield water tower on Spring Creek Road."

Sidewalk salonistas wonder: Where in the world is Eric Johnson?

Sidewalk salonistas, 2010 The 6 am Tuesday gang of sidewalk salonistas at the Goodbye Blue Monday were floundering a bit this week.  Anchor Eric Johnson was out of town.

I’ve heard occasional objections over the past 5 years to my use of the term ‘salonistas.’ It’s a bit obscure, I admit, since the Urban Dictionary defines a salonista as “A person who wrote/worked for the online magazine Salon.com, especially during its heyday in the 1990s.”  It also has a more generic meaning: anyone who regularly attends a conversation salon AKA a literary salon.

I’m not sure what term they’d prefer. Gasbag geezers?