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MPR’s Molly Bloom visits Northfield for their ‘Get Out There’ segment

More than a few Northfielders got this email recently from Molly Bloom, Public Insight Analyst for MPR News and their Public Insight Network:

Molly Bloom, Public Insight Analyst, MPR NewsI’m writing today because you’re a source in our Public Insight Network and you’ve told us that you live in Northfield. We’re working on a series of stories that we think you might be able to help us with.

MPR News is been doing a series of stories called “Get Out There,” in which we profile Minnesota towns (you can see them here). We want to find the places, eateries, and activities that might be hidden gems. So we’re coming to you to see what you think people should see, do or eat when they’re in Northfield. If friends were visiting from out-of-town, where would you take them? Please tell us here.

Griff intrudes on Almanac tapingMolly heard from 35 Northfielders and graciously let me follow her around yesterday while she visited some of the recommended "hidden gems."

I promised that A) I wouldn’t make any suggestions on where she should go; and B) that I’d try not to get in the way like I did the last time a public media journalist visited.

Chip DeMann, Molly BloomChip DeMann, Molly BloomMolly Bloom, Hayes Scriven, Brad Ness
Her first stop was the Northfield Historical Society where Chip DeMann, Hayes Scriven and Brad Ness tried to impress her with, what else, lots of old stuff.

Molly Bloom at the NAGMolly Bloom at the NAGMolly Bloom at CakeWalkMolly Bloom at CakeWalk
After a quick couple of photos at the NAG, she bought a cupcake at CakeWalk and forced me to eat half of it.

Catherine Dominguez and Molly BloomMolly Bloom and Nathan NelsonMolly Bloom at the Weitz CenterMolly Bloom at Chapati
She chatted with Catherine Dominguez at GBM and took a photo of Nathan Nelson reading newspapers there, a quaint activity that they probably don’t see much of any more in the public media empire. After a visit to the Weitz Center (alas, closed for the summer), she had lunch at Chapati, and then ventured–no further stalking by me–to the Brick Oven Bakery and the Northfield Farmer’s Market in Riverside Park.

Molly Bloom, Victor Summa, Paul HagerShe also was witness to how much I get abused by the citizenry on a daily basis, courtesy of Victor Summa and Paul Hager.

Her story should appear on the Get Out There blog on Thursday, at which point, I invite y’all to chime in here with your suggestions on the other places/hidden gems of Northfield that she should also have profiled.

There are two outdoor markets for farmers in Northfield

Northfield Farmers' Market Northfield Farmers' Market
I rode my bike through Riverside Park on Friday around noon and noticed that the 7th St. parking lot was completely full of Northfield Farmers’ Market vendors and shoppers.

I couldn’t a website or Facebook page for them. I don’t even know if they exist as an organization. I do know that they’re not to be confused with the farmers who exhibit downtown during Riverwalk Market Fair on Saturdays.

The Chamber’s Visiting Northfield events page says:

The Northfield Farmers’ Market brings you fresh wholesome foods from local growers and producers. Beginning mid-May and running through the end of October. Located in Riverside Park on West 7th Street. Tuesdays and Fridays from 11:45 am to 1 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 11 am. Call Rae Rusnack at (507) 649-1405 for more information.

Northfield’s farmers’ market: are there really communal benefits to locally grown?

Northfield farmers’ marketJames McWilliams, author of the new book with the Northfield-oriented title Just Food: Where Locavores Get It Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly, has a guest post on the NY Times Freakonomics blog titled Do Farmers’ Markets Really Strengthen Local Communities? It got me thinking. And wondering whether his argument could be applied to locally owned retail stores. (continued)

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