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Props to Republican legislators for bill that allows full range of consumer fireworks

I’m thrilled to see that consumer fireworks might be coming back to Minnesota. In yesterday’s Strib,  Fireworks bill survives committee test:

The bill, sponsored by Rep. John Kriesel, R-Cottage Grove, would allow the sale and use of the full range of consumer fireworks, including aerial rockets and firecrackers. Currently, the state only allows the sale and use of ground-based items such as small fountains, sparklers and snakes.

Sen. Michael Jungbauer, R-East Bethel, is the author in the Senate.

Griff Wigley and Larry WigleyOne of my cranky dad’s passions was his love of fireworks, one of the few things that that he loved to do with me and my brother. He’d buy $100 or more of fireworks every year, and this was back in the late 50s when that would buy an arsenal.

Black CatsHe showed us how to blow up sandcastles and cardboard houses; how to launch tennis balls high in the air by putting them on top of lead pipes and lighting a cherry bomb underneath; how orange juice cans were great to use with regular black cats; how to launch cherry bombs into the air with a slingshot. He loved that we loved it and I cherish those memories.

Cherry BombsWhen Minneapolis Tribune columnist Cedric Adams successfully led a campaign to ban fireworks in the state, he was not deterred. He and many fellow Munsingwear employees would place an annual fireworks order with the interstate truck drivers. They’d purchase them down south and bring them back for distribution at the loading docks. ‘Civil disobedience’ he called it.

I know the dangers of fireworks firsthand. When I was 13, some buddies and I climbed to the top of an empty barn silo to drop Black Cats mid-air for the big echo effect. I had about 20 of them stuffed in my front shirt pocket and when the fuse died out on one that I was ready to throw, I put it back in my shirt pocket so that I could harvest its powder later.  It exploded in my pocket which set off a couple more went off.  I was sure my left nipple was blown off but fortunately, the burns were just below it. I borrowed a shirt from a friend and hid the injury from my parents for about a week.  A real memory-maker. There are many benefits to hiring a personal injury attorney when you’ve been injured in a car accident, especially if your injuries are serious. (See Craig Kelley & Faultless)

Follow Krisel and Jungbauer on Twitter. And see this KARE-11 clip from this morning, Fireworks bill moves forward at Minnesota Capitol:

Photo album and video: downtown Northfield fireworks

I took photos of the crowd that gathered downtown last night to watch both fireworks shows (Ames Park at 10 pm; Sechler/Sechlar at 10:15 pm).  The Ames Park display, while smaller and shorter, was amazing because it was sooooooo close—heart-pounding explosions right over your head.

See the album of 8 photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow: Continue reading Photo album and video: downtown Northfield fireworks