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Cannon Valley Velo Club adds support for gravel rides and mountain biking; git yer 2012 membership now

Scott Klein, Evan Watkins, Sue Welch, Tom Bisel and Kevin Keane. (Northfield News photo by Shane Kitzman) Cannon Valley Velo Club Griff Wigley, pretender 
I had lunch earlier this week with Kevin Keane, race team director for the 1 year-old Cannon Valley Velo Club (CVVC). (That’s Kevin on the right in left photo above – photo by Shane Kitzman, Northfield News.)  We discussed all things mountain biking and I’ve signed on to be the club’s new mountain biking ride coordinator—hence, the staged photo in my front yard yesterday. (I’m on a borrowed fat bike, as I’m on my way to the Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout up in Crosby-Ironton for my first-ever race this weekend. More on that here on my Mountain Bike Geezer blog.)

I’ll only be coordinating the CVVC mountain bike rides, primarily on singletrack. Others will be coordinating the mountain bike racing and the gravel rides. On some really good mountain bikes.

March 1 is the official start of the club’s annual membership term and Scott Klein, CVVC Secretary, posted this announcement this morning to the CVVC Google Group email list (open to anyone, not just members):

The club is officially one year old and we’re excited to keep growing the club and offering more rides and activities for all riders.  For this year, we are planning to offer more ride options with better organization (ie maps and short cuts for those of us with time constraints) and expand the awareness of off-road routes for gravel rides and mountain bikers. 

Cannon Valley Velo Club 2012 membership packageAdditionally, we will be working with the Mill Towns Trail organization to promote the completion of this bike trail from Red Wing to Mankato.  If you have any other ideas to help promote safe bicycling in our community, we’d love to hear about it. To keep offering these activities and to maintain our insurance policy for group rides in 2012, it’s time to update our list of active members and collect membership dues. 

The membership dues are the same amount as last year, so please take a look at the attached document for exact pricing. For existing members, please sign the insurance waiver and release form (even if you filled one out last year) and include it with your payment.  Both of these items can either be mailed to our club treasurer, David Foster, or dropped off in person at Tom’s shop, Fit to be Tri’d in Northfield.

For more about the CVVC, see this March, 2011 article in the Nfld News:  Cannon Valley Velo gears up for its inaugural season.

FIT to be TRI’d: My local mountain bike clothing store

A couple months ago I paid a visit to FIT to be TRI’d (just after it moved to the Tiny’s Building in downtown Northfield) to ask owner Tom Bisel if he could recommend a base layer that would help me deal with the problem of sweating when mountain biking in cold weather.

Craft Pro Zero Extreme base layerHe didn’t hesitate to recommend the Craft Pro Zero Extreme base layer because it not only is very effective at wicking moisture away from the body but it dries in 8 minutes.  Sure, Tom… 8 minutes? I didn’t think it possible. But it’s turned out to be the best piece of sports clothing I’ve ever purchased.  It’s wicking is amazingly effective and it really does dry that fast. Read this review for more details.

Last Sunday I tossed my 20 year-old lightweight snowboarding jacket into the wash (I’ve been using it as my mountain biking jacket) and it pretty much disintegrated.

Griff Wigley in his Craft Pro Zero Extreme base layer and Sugoi RPM JacketSo back to FIT to be TRI’d I went this week to see what Tom would recommend for a waterproof, ventilated jacket that I could use during the cool/cold months of the year and that would resist abrasion. I walked away with the Sugoi RPM Jacket and promptly crashed on the ice while riding the upper Arb.  It resisted.  We’ll see how it does when I race at the Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout next week and then during the spring rains which we’ll hopefully have soon.

Tom’s been one of the people to get the Cannon Valley Velo Club off the ground in the past year and is currently the president.  It’s looking like the club’s going to cater to mountain bikers this year, too. More to come on that soon.

Fit To Be TRI’d now open in the Tiny’s Building

Fit To Be TRI’d ("Minnesota’s newest source for all your Triathlon and multisport needs") has moved into the ground floor of the Tiny’s Building and is in the middle of their grand opening this weekend.

I stopped by on Thursday to chat with owner Tom Bisel and to take a few photos before the crowds showed up:

Fit To Be TRI'd in downtown Northfield Fit To Be TRI'd in downtown Northfield Fit To Be TRI'd in downtown Northfield Fit To Be TRI'd in downtown Northfield

Fit To Be TRI'd in downtown Northfield Fit To Be TRI'd in downtown Northfield Fit To Be TRI'd in downtown Northfield Tom Bisel, owner, Fit to be TRI'd

Saturday schedule of grand opening events:

  • Newton Natural Motion Clinic: 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.
  • Newton FAQ Session: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Nordic Waxing Clinic: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Tiny's is for lovers" - Cameron Nordholm and Morgan Weiland

I was glad to see the "Tiny’s is for lovers" ceiling tile for Cameron and Morgan was still there.

Need a bike? Support the area’s three local bike dealers. Have a bike to sell? Post your ad here.

 Griff Wigley and Clark Webster Bike to Work Day at the Goodbye Blue Monday, 2011 Bike to Work Day at the Goodbye Blue Monday, 2011 
Since it was A) a warm morning (60F) and B) it’s Bike to Work Day, I rode my wife’s Giant Revive DX to my office at the GBM today. More than a few bikers joined me.

FIT to be TRI'd Mike's Bicycle Shop Milltown Cycles

We’re fortunate to have three bike shops in the area:

  • FIT to be TRI’d in downtown Northfield carries Focus and Marin bicycles
  • Mike’s Bicycle Shop in downtown Northfield carries Rawland, Trek, Surley, and Salsa
  • Milltown Cycles in downtown Faribault carries Trek, Gary Fisher, Rawland, Salsa, Surley, Steve Potts, and Redline