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Flood of 2010 post-mortem–one year later

The Northfield News has a Remembering the Flood of 2010 feature in the Sept. 24 print edition. Only one of the four print articles is viewable from its online News category/section (and, strangely, none from its Flood of 2010 section). So I dug around and found them, as I think it’s a great follow-up to the flooding post-mortem blog post and discussion we had here on Locally Grown for several months starting a few days after the flood.

Nfld News series, Remembering the Flood of 2010, Sept. 24, 2011 edition:

See my photo album of the flood from Sept. 2010, the large slideshow (recommended), or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:


City of Northfield has no plan to make flood information flow

I discovered over the weekend that the Northfield News did file a story about the Feb. 28 flood preparedness public  meeting.  For some reason, it’s not on their website.

NFld News: City hears calls for more information during floodsWhile city leaders want residents to take precautions now, property owners want the city to give them more information before and during future flood events. "Where can we get accurate information?" asked Alex Beeby, who works at the Just Food Co-op on South Water Street.

Others who attended the meeting were critical of what the saw as the city’s inability to share necessary information with property owners along the river during last September’s flood.

And while city leaders, including Public Safety Director Mark Taylor and Tim Madigan understood residents concerns, disseminating real-time information during a crisis, they said, can be a challenge. The city will connect with local media outlets, said Taylor, and update its website as time allows.

City of Northfield spring flood preparedness public meetingI spoke at the meeting, too, pointing out that the City’s new flood preparedness information site is not set up for facilitating near-real time information flow. There’s no RSS feed, no email signup list, no blog. They don’t plan to use Twitter or Facebook. It’s a 1999 style web site, chock full of information and links but not set up at all to allow residents and local media to help new information flow virally through the social media landscape. City mothers and fathers don’t seem to understand that 1) the City is its own information channel; and 2) that its audience has audiences. It was more than a little ironic that the notice for that Feb. 28 public meeting was NOT posted to the City’s own flood preparedness page.

Straight River at Faribault 03.21.11It doesn’t appear that we’ll experience severe flooding this spring. But who knows?

After the rain this weekend, the Straight River was near 10 feet in Faribault at midnight, the second highest level in the past decade, according to the Sunday Faribault Daily News.  (See the U.S. Geological Survey real-time data site for the Straight River.)

A winter storm is a possibility this week.  Heavy thunderstorms in April could change things in a hurry.

Why not prepare now to make rear real-time flood information flow?

Photo album: Let the sandbagging begin, spring 2011

The last time I used that phrase in a blog post title, things didn’t turn out so well.

Yesterday afternoon, local business owners, St. Olaf students, and miscellaneous other volunteers filled hundreds of sandbags on downtown’s west side behind Larson’s Printing.

Candy Taylor, Executive Director of 5th Bridge, was the volunteer coordinator. See the 5th Bridge flood volunteer page and the Northfield.org flood volunteer information page for more info.

See the album of 14 23 26 54 photos, the large slideshow (recommended), or this small slideshow:

How prepared is Northfield for spring flooding?

City of Northfield spring flood preparedness public meeting City of Northfield spring flood preparedness public meeting
City of Northfield staff hosted a spring flood preparedness public meeting last night at City Hall. See:

Fox 9 TV news was at the meeting and has a report: Northfield Preps for Big Spring Floods. Jake Hvistendahl at Froggy Bottoms River Pub is featured, as well as Tim Isom, emergency management director for the City.