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All hail the Rock ‘n Roll Revival triumvirate

Bonnie McKown, Tom McKown, and Gayle Collins
Bonnie McKown, Tom McKown, and Gayle Collins (click to enlarge)
There’s another triumvirate in town. Tom McKown (English teacher and Rock ‘N Roll Revival director), Bonnie McKown, and Gayle Collins (High School Media Specialist, now retired) are the big three behind the bi-annual event.

Bonnie and Gayle volunteer their time (Bonnie even takes vacation days during performance week from her job as a pediatric nurse), while Tom gets a small stipend that likely pays him the equivalent of 30 cents/hour.

high-fivefist_jabWhile there are many dozens of volunteers who help make Rock ‘n Roll Revival happen, these three deserve a special high-five and a fist jab whenever you see them.