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Northfield City Council goal setting sessionI attended the first hour and the last hour of Monday’s Northfield City Council goal setting session held at the Northfield Hospital Board room from 5-10 pm. The husband/wife team of Richard Fursman and Irina Fursman, Global Synergy Group (GSG), were the meeting facilitators.

For reference, see the 2009 Council Vision and Goals and 2009 Council Goals and Initiatives.

See the photo album of the meeting (mostly photos of Council-generated content posted on the walls), the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

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Council vision sshotCouncil goals sshotLast spring, the Northfield City Council adopted a vision statement and four goals for 2009. (See pages 47-56 of the April 6 meeting packet.)  Two documents (PDFs) are now available on the Council’s web page: 1) a one-page vision and goals statement; 2) an eight-page outline of the goals and related initiatives.  This new Council has been in office for 9 months; it’s been 5 months since the goals were adopted. How are they doing? (continued)

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