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MPR’s Molly Bloom visits Northfield for their ‘Get Out There’ segment

More than a few Northfielders got this email recently from Molly Bloom, Public Insight Analyst for MPR News and their Public Insight Network:

Molly Bloom, Public Insight Analyst, MPR NewsI’m writing today because you’re a source in our Public Insight Network and you’ve told us that you live in Northfield. We’re working on a series of stories that we think you might be able to help us with.

MPR News is been doing a series of stories called “Get Out There,” in which we profile Minnesota towns (you can see them here). We want to find the places, eateries, and activities that might be hidden gems. So we’re coming to you to see what you think people should see, do or eat when they’re in Northfield. If friends were visiting from out-of-town, where would you take them? Please tell us here.

Griff intrudes on Almanac tapingMolly heard from 35 Northfielders and graciously let me follow her around yesterday while she visited some of the recommended "hidden gems."

I promised that A) I wouldn’t make any suggestions on where she should go; and B) that I’d try not to get in the way like I did the last time a public media journalist visited.

Chip DeMann, Molly BloomChip DeMann, Molly BloomMolly Bloom, Hayes Scriven, Brad Ness
Her first stop was the Northfield Historical Society where Chip DeMann, Hayes Scriven and Brad Ness tried to impress her with, what else, lots of old stuff.

Molly Bloom at the NAGMolly Bloom at the NAGMolly Bloom at CakeWalkMolly Bloom at CakeWalk
After a quick couple of photos at the NAG, she bought a cupcake at CakeWalk and forced me to eat half of it.

Catherine Dominguez and Molly BloomMolly Bloom and Nathan NelsonMolly Bloom at the Weitz CenterMolly Bloom at Chapati
She chatted with Catherine Dominguez at GBM and took a photo of Nathan Nelson reading newspapers there, a quaint activity that they probably don’t see much of any more in the public media empire. After a visit to the Weitz Center (alas, closed for the summer), she had lunch at Chapati, and then ventured–no further stalking by me–to the Brick Oven Bakery and the Northfield Farmer’s Market in Riverside Park.

Molly Bloom, Victor Summa, Paul HagerShe also was witness to how much I get abused by the citizenry on a daily basis, courtesy of Victor Summa and Paul Hager.

Her story should appear on the Get Out There blog on Thursday, at which point, I invite y’all to chime in here with your suggestions on the other places/hidden gems of Northfield that she should also have profiled.

Patsy is 60 today; last Sunday, too. Probably tomorrow as well.

 Patsy Ophaug, 60th birthday at the Goodbye Blue Monday DSC07741 
The Boys of the Goodbye Blue Monday, 6 AM Edition, fattened up on scrumptious coffeecake last Sunday to help Patsy Ophaug celebrate her 60th birthday. Then earlier today I noticed the Grand Event Center‘s marquee proclaiming, "Believe it! Patsy is 60 today."   Same Patsy? I’ve no idea, but let’s assume so unless someone whines.

A Thanksgiving tradition: free coffee served outside at the closed Goodbye Blue Monday

Thanksgiving coffee at the closed GBM Thanksgiving coffee at the closed GBM 
Goodbye Blue Monday is closed on Thanksgiving but for several years now, a gang of morning regulars has been serving up free hot coffee to customers who stop by, thinking that the coffeehouse is open.

Yesterday when I stopped by, Jim Crow, Jim Gleason, and Jose Rodriguez were the beauties on duty.

Where did they get the coffee? Caribou!

Abby Benson abandons Northfield for points west

GBM send-off for Abby Benson Abby Benson
Today was Abby Benson’s last day at Goodbye Blue Monday where she’s worked for over three years.  Proprietors Dan Riggins and Catherine Dominguez along with several of her co-workers gave her a little send-off this morning. The 2011 St. Olaf grad is also known to the Northfield community for her work with STOGROW and the SEEDS Farms (see this Relish.com article about her).  She’s heading to Portland, OR for a life of quiet desperation productive and satisfying experience doing who-knows-what.

I know her dad, Marty Benson, from playing racquetball and her mom, Jean Callister-Benson from way back when she worked at the Y in Faribault. As parents, they are reportedly thrilled that they no longer have Abby’s expensive mouth to feed proud that Abby’s launching her life as a full-fledged adult.

GBM gets new outdoor seating

New outdoor seating at the Goodbye Blue Monday:  Alex Beeby, Jane Moline, Justin Stets, Rick Estenson and GBM co-owner Dan RigginsI missed it yesterday but Curtis Tiano took this photo of the first four people to park their rear ends on the new outdoor seating at the Goodbye Blue Monday.

L to R front: Alex Beeby, Jane Moline, Justin Stets, Rick Estenson. They were supervised by GBM co-owner Dan Riggins.

There is a Philadelphia connection to these seats but I don’t know what it is. Vet stadium seats?

New outdoor seating at the Goodbye Blue Monday New outdoor seating at the Goodbye Blue Monday New outdoor seating at the Goodbye Blue Monday

Gus DeMann loses Boston Marathon

Gus DeMannOle Gus DeMann, one of the early morning baristas at GBM, ran the Boston Marathon last week. Unfortunately, he lost. Big time.

Not only did he not finish in the top ten, he got beat by 372 other runners, finishing at 2:45.46. To put that in perspective, that’s nearly 3/4 of an hour behind the winner, which is about the time it would take me to leisurely stroll from downtown Northfield to his hometown of Dundas and back.

He’s evidently going to try again next year, according to this article in the Northfield News.

See the pre-race hype about Gus in this article on the St. Olaf news site: Boston Bound.

A gorgeous snowfall, just in time for Winter Walk

Northfield seemed to be in the middle of the heaviest snow band from this latest storm. I’m guessing we got 10 inches of the fluffy variety.  Anyone have an accurate total?

Snow piles in downtown Northfield Snow piles in downtown Northfield
It’ll make parking downtown challenging today for holiday shoppers, as to-the-curb removal won’t happen till tonight.  I took these photos shortly after 6 am: Division St. outside GBM and Oolala.

The forecast calls for high temps to be in the teens through next week, perfect for keeping the snow in good condition for Winter Walk 2010 next Thursday, Dec. 9.

Update 4 PM: some additional photos of Division St. between 4th and 5th.

Division St. between 4th and 5th Division St. between 4th and 5th Division St. between 4th and 5th

Cycle America’s cross-country tour: a day of rest in Northfield

Some of the Cycle America participants refueling at the Goodby Blue Monday Cycle America campers at the Northfield High School Cycle America
Cycle America’s coat-to-coast bicycle tour came to Northfield (from Hutchinson, the last leg of the Mighty Rivers segment) last night and many of the participants were spending money in the coffeeshops of downtown Northfield this morning, including the Goodbye Blue Monday.

Today is a day of rest so they’ll be camped one more night in town, most of them at the Northfield High School.  Tomorrow, the tour’s Heartland Patchwork segment takes them east to Cannon Falls on Hwy 19 where they’ll take the Cannon Valley Trail to Red Wing and then on to Pepin, WI.

Former Northfielder Don Haugo founded Cycle America many years ago. He sold the company back in the 90s.  Anyone know where he is now?

Foursquare makes its way to Northfield retailers

foursquare foursquare at the GBM

I’ve been experimenting with Foursquare for the past couple of months. The app on my Android phone (also available on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Palm) uses GPS to show a list of nearby places. I can then check in to see if the business is offering a foursquare special, alert selected friends (txt msg, Twitter, etc) to my location, earn points, and acquire ‘badges’ for repeat check-ins. 

The person who has checked in the most at a given location becomes the ‘Mayor’ of that location. I’m currently the Mayor of the Goodbye Blue Monday but just lost my mayorship to someone named ‘Dan’ at the HideAway. Nationwide, retailers are starting to offer Mayor Specials. Starbucks launched a nationwide Mayors Special last week.

Last night was the first time I experienced a foursquare special from a Northfield-area retailer: the Contented Cow has a Foursquare special going this Memorial Day weekend. (No, I didn’t set this up, even though the Cow has been a client of mine for years.)

What other retailers are using Foursquare in the Northfield area?