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Unlike Grand Marais, Northfield solves part of its geese poop problem without an ordinance

I’m in Grand Marais this week and noticed this sign along the waterfront park:

"Do not feed the geese" sign in Grand Marais, MNDO NOT FEED THE GEESE
Feeding of geese is prohibited
City ordinance number 167
Petty misdemeanor

In August of 2011, the City (TJ!) put up "Do not feed the wildlife" signs along the Sesqui Plaza (blog post here).  A month later, I commented that the signs appeared to be making a difference, and now, one year later, it’s still the case.   Cool. (See all the Canada geese-related blog posts here on LoGro, going back to 2009.)

What else needs to be done to further control the geese problem, especially in Riverside and Babcock parks?