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Psst… an almost-secret meeting at City Hall tonight!

Late last week the City website put up notice for tonight’s  Green Step Cities Presentation meeting.  The notice doesn’t say what it’s about, who it’s for, who’s making the presentation, or anything other than the place and time, which is unfortunate because it may be of interest to citizens.

The Minnesota Green Step Cities program is a State-sponsored program described as  a voluntary program for all Minnesota cities to identify, support, and recognize implementation of a set of sustainable development best practices focusing on greenhouse gas reductions that lead cities beyond compliance and encourage a culture of innovation.

The program is new and will be available this summer;  the purpose of the presentation is to inform the City Council about the program. Tonight’s presentation will be made by Phillipp Muessig of the MPCA.

Since the program’s “best practices” have many implications for land use, I’ve encouraged my fellow Planning Commissioners to attend as well, even though we were not notified/invited.  (I don’t know why not. )

The meeting is tonight (Monday) in the Council Chambers from 7-9p. Wouldn’t it be awful if “too many people” showed up?