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Greenvale Township wind farm: the good, the bad, the ugly

wind turbine Greenvale Township resident Ann Occhiato wrote us earlier this week, asking that we start a discussion thread here on LoGroNo about the proposed Greenvale Township wind farm. Ann has a letter to the editor in the Wed. Northfield News, opposing the wind farm. Background:

Greenvale signs annexation agreement

repjlogo-thumb1.pngGreenvale Township’s three supervisors met briefly Tuesday night to sign the final draft of an annexation agreement with Northfield after nearly seven months of negotiation.

The annexation agreement, among other things, indicates how much Northfield would reimburse Greenvale for the property taxes the township will lose when 530 acres of undeveloped farmland goes onto the city’s tax rolls. Northfield is annexing the land to attract industrial developers in the hopes of widening the tax base and creating jobs.

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