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Greg Carlson’s family, friends, colleagues and fellow Ole alums held a surprise party for him last night at the Northfield Golf Club. He was formally notified that he’s a 2007 recipient of the St. Olaf Alumni Distinguished Service Award (DSA).

Greg and his wife Nancy were captured near Farmington, blindfolded, and brought to the club with no clue as to what was going on until the gathered crowd began singing a special version of Um! Yah! Yah! (Click photos to enlarge.)

Among the many perpetrators were left, Jeff Carlson, brother and business partner; left and right center: Justin Stets, business partner; right: brother and songwriter Gary Carlson (apologies for the lousy photo).

Gary composed special lyrics to the song I’ve Been Everywhere and I captured the audio:

Click play to listen. 3 minutes, 43 seconds. Gary’s promised to send me the text of the lyrics and when I get them, I’ll post them here.

Update, Sunday, Jan. 14, 9 PM: Here they are. Thanks, Gary.

There’s a man who hails from Northfield, everybody knows his name,

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