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Carlson SEEDS interns Chelsea and Natasha: planting, growing, selling, blogging

It’s not often that someone beats me to a blog post after a community event. But it happened this week.

SEEDS interns - L: Chelsea Wagner; R: Natasha Hegmann; C: housemate Julia ? Basil from the Carlson SEEDS field Thunderhead over the Carlson SEEDS field 
At last Saturday’s Riverwalk Market Fair, I took the photo on the left of Carlson SEEDS interns Chelsea Wagner and Natasha Hegmann (housemate Julia in the center) selling their wares, including the fantastic basil (center) that Robbie purchased from them. What’s SEEDS about?  The St. Olaf Center for Experiential Learning has a page on it:

The Carlson SEEDS (Social Entrepreneurship, Environmental Design, & Stewardship) internship program, founded by Greg and Nancy Carlson ’82, is designed to engage students in experiential learning and discovery that fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture.

Natasha’s July 19 blog post, Produce for Sale, chronicles their Saturday, including the game of "How many farmers does it take to set up a tent?" and a visit from a “professional blogging consultant.” Heh.

Chelsea and Natasha are natural born bloggers, telling interesting stories with fun photos on their Carlson SEEDS blog.

Carlson SEEDS blog

Regi featured on APR’s ‘The Story’

Reginaldo Haslett-MarroquinReginaldo Haslett-Marroquin (AKA ‘Regi’) was featured on The Story last week in a piece titled The Fight to Farm. (The Story is distributed by American Public Media (APR), the parent of MPR.)

He’s Executive Director of the Rural Enterprise Center (part of The Main Street Project) and he wrote about being on The Story on his blog, including this:

Although a lot of what came out in The Story was about some of my encounters with racism and discrimination, all of those events happened before I moved to Northfield…

Greg Carlson, Justin Stets, Rick Estenson, Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin,

I took this photo of Regi last Saturday while he was having coffee at the GBM with Greg Carlson, Justin Stets, and Rick Estenson.

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Greg Carlson captured, blindfolded, released unharmed

Greg Carlson’s family, friends, colleagues and fellow Ole alums held a surprise party for him last night at the Northfield Golf Club. He was formally notified that he’s a 2007 recipient of the St. Olaf Alumni Distinguished Service Award (DSA).

Greg and his wife Nancy were captured near Farmington, blindfolded, and brought to the club with no clue as to what was going on until the gathered crowd began singing a special version of Um! Yah! Yah! (Click photos to enlarge.)

Among the many perpetrators were left, Jeff Carlson, brother and business partner; left and right center: Justin Stets, business partner; right: brother and songwriter Gary Carlson (apologies for the lousy photo).

Gary composed special lyrics to the song I’ve Been Everywhere and I captured the audio:

Click play to listen. 3 minutes, 43 seconds. Gary’s promised to send me the text of the lyrics and when I get them, I’ll post them here.

Update, Sunday, Jan. 14, 9 PM: Here they are. Thanks, Gary.

There’s a man who hails from Northfield, everybody knows his name,
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