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Matthew and David want you to attend the open house for Marv Grundhoefer this Friday

Matthew Rich and David Ludescher Attorneys Matthew Rich and David Ludescher stopped by my corner office at GBM yesterday to let me know that their office is hosting an open house for the Northfield community on Friday to celebrate Marv Grundhoefer‘s 60th year in practice.  Details here. See the firm’s History page for a brief background on Marv.

Northfield NewsBut for a much more thorough treatment, see the Nov. 30, 2002 article in the Northfield News that highlighted Marv’s 50th year in practice: Grundhoefer generously serves citizens of Northfield.  There’s no author cited but sure looks like a Maggie Lee column to me.

Marv Grundhoefer"Robert C. Kucera and Marvin L. Grundhoefer have opened law offices under the firm name of Kucera & Grundhoefer in Room No. 1, Medical Arts Building in Northfield," a story began in the Nov. 27, 1952, Northfield News — 50 years ago. The story continued, "They will also maintain an office in the Lonsdale Clinic Building in Lonsdale, planning to be there Tuesday and Thursday of each week."

The story stated that Kucera was the nephew of Dr. S.T. Kucera who was the owner of the Medical Arts Building, and the brother of Dr. L.B. Kucera of Lonsdale. That young attorney had attended grade and high school in Faribault and Lonsdale. He was a World War II veteran and had graduated from the St. Paul College of Law. (continued)

Downtown Northfield: good for law firms. Photography studios? Not so much.

former Ali Hohn Photography studio former Hoffman's Photography studio former Stone Cottage Photo location Green LightHouse studio
I noticed this week that the downtown storefront for Ali Hohn Photography is empty.  A month ago, Northfield Patch did a story titled Hoffman’s Photography Closed? It’s been a while but Stone Cottage Photo had a studio on Bridge Square. I’m not sure what’s happening with Green LightHouse on Division above Champion Sports but their website is dead. And Harmon’s Photography in the lower level of the Nutting Block has disappeared.

Hero, Jorstad & Jacobsen Reppe Law Office  James J. Schlichting and Fossum Law Office
Meanwhile, law firms have been picking up the slack. Hero, Jorstad & Jacobsen has moved into the former Northfield Insurance location at 507 Division, right across the street from the Reppe Law Office. And James J. Schlichting and Fossum Law Office are now officing in back of the Just Food Co-op building.

Other law firms located downtown:  Lampe Law Group, Grundhoefer & LudescherFrago & Lasswell, Hvistendahl, Moersch, Dorsey & Hahn, Schmitz, Ophaug and Dowd, Arnold Law and Mediation. (Have I missed any?)

Why are law firms thriving downtown but not photography studios?