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A Soldier’s March for Peace ends today; Gunnar returns for Townie Night

Gunnar SwansonA Soldier's March for Peace window display The other graphic on the First National Bank Northfield’s window is the Soldier’s March for Peace, part of the War Kids Relief project.

I phoned Gunnar Swanson this morning and yes, he’s in Faribault this morning and is finishing his 1000-mile Soldier’s March for Peace walk from Texas to Minnesota today. His ASM4P blog tells the whole story of his walk, but here are the details of his arrival today for DJJD Townie Night and the weekend:

9/10, Thursday – Northfield:  5pm Gunnar will meet Northfield high school students in parking lot of NF HS and walk the last mile with him to Bridge Square in center of Northfield for Townie Night.  Northfield always throws this and there will be food and fun stuff to do.  Very family oriented. Actually EVERYONE is invited to participate in this…not just highschoolers. Looks like the DJJD royalty and the James Gang will be coming too! 🙂 There will be a reception in Bridge Square at 6:00pm.

9/11, Friday – Cannon Falls:  8am Gunnar and Dina will be at Cannon Falls Elementary to meet with all the students This will be amazing…don’t miss it! The entire Cannon Falls student body (pre-school through 12th graders) will gather to hear Gunnar’s and my final presentation (the one we have give to YMCA kids over the past 10 weeks) and then write letters for kids in Iraq and Afghanistan. They will also make a human tunnel from the elementary school to the high school for Gunnar to walk through..all wearing red, white and blue and holding flags. How cute!     KARE-11 is coming to do a story on this as well.

9/12, Saturday – Northfield:  4:30pm Gunnar will give "the" speech near Bridge Square where the big bank robbery showdown was and will be presented with a check from VFW. Yes, this will be before the 5:00 bank raid reinactment. The VFW and American Legion Honor Guard will be holding the flags to honor Gunnar as he makes a short speech and thanks all who supported/donated. Also, the VFW will be making a donation at that time, and any other local businesses who want to make a public donation can do it then as well.

Northfield youth kick-off for Gunnar and ASM4P on Thursday

I got this email and poster today from Sam Estenson, board member of the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative, saying that he and his planning team are:

ASM4P kick-off poster… encouraging EVERY kid in Northfield to come down to central park at 2 o’clock tomorrow in order to raise money for ASM4P and that there will be a grill out, tie-dying, a dunk tank, henna tattoos, bracelets, break dancing, music, a rally march, and then a concert at The Key at 5 o’clock. All the money we raise goes directly to Gunnar. News and media will be there and we want 1000 kids to show up so invite/kidnap all of your friends and bring them with!

Gunnar Swanson

Gunnar to walk 1000 miles on ‘A Soldier’s March for Peace’

Gunnar Swanson and Dina FeslerI first met Gunnar Swanson and Dina Fesler of War Kids Relief back in January when they made a presentation at College City Beverage in Dundas. We later hosted them on our Locally Grown podcast/radio show.

They hired me to help them get set up with a WordPress-based website and to think about how social media could be used for the variety of initiatives they were planning. They then began working with Northfield-based Neuger Communications Group who, along with various marketing and communications work, took on the design of the website… now waaaaay cooler than I could have ever done.

Their next big project is A Soldier’s March for Peace (ASM4P) in which Gunnar

wkr-sshot… will march 1000+ miles from Texas to Minnesota, starting July 4, 2009. With the help of kids across the nation, he is raising funds and awareness for programs that help kids who have been traumatized by war to realize new possibilities for their lives.

Gunnar has started posting to the ASM4P blog (subscribe to its RSS feed or email updates).  You can also follow Gunnar on Twitter and on the WKR/ASM4P Facebook page.

During the Taste of Northfield festivities tomorrow, there will be an informal reception at the Archer House from 5:00 – 8:00. People can stop by to meet Dina and Gunnar and other volunteers and hear more about A Soldier’s March for Peace

They’re also hosting a kick-off event on Bridge Square next Thursday afternoon, June 25th, 2-5 PM. More to come on that.

WKR released this video last week.

Podcast: Gunnar Swanson and the War Kids Relief project

Dina Fesler, Gunnar Swanson, Ross Currier, Tracy DavisOur guest this week was Gunnar Swanson, Managing Director of the War Kids Relief project, updating us on their recently completed Young Ambassadors Pilot Program and plans for the future. (See our previous blog posts on the project.)

Click play to listen. 30 minutes. You can also download the MP3 or subscribe to the podcast feed, or subscribe directly with iTunes.

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