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Podcast: 2/3 Triumvirate on the Hwy 3 & 19 Transportation Study

Ross Currier, Griff WigleyRoss and I were unhappy about Tracy’s vacation, as you can see.  But we got over it eventually. And after dissecting last weekend’s Outlaw Run, we  tried to make sense of the Hwy 3 & 19 Transportation Study recommendations in front of the Northfield City Council. I think we failed, but you be the judge.

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Aerial tram studied for Hwy 3 at 3rd St.

tram Encouraged by the reception to their study of a tunnel under the Hwy. 19 railroad crossing (see pages 5-7 of this PDF update), engineers at Bolton and Menk announced this morning that they’re studying the advantages of an aerial tram across Hw3 at 3rd St.

It would connect the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce to downtown Northfield near Bridge Square.

“We think this is a perfect example of our firm’s ability to ‘think outside the bridge’ said consultant Kris Chroamdoam. "Not only would this solve the problem of connecting both sides of Northfield for pedestrians, it could be a huge tourist attraction.”

Councilor Jim Pokorney, the only member of the Council to vote against the $50,000 study (officially called the Hwy 3 & 19 Multimodal Transportation Study) could not be reached for comment as he reportedly was on his way to visit the Aerial Tram in Portland Oregon.

Tunnel under Hwy. 19 RR crossing studied. Huh?

Hwys 19 & 3 I was shocked to read in yesterday’s Northfield News (Transit study suggests tunnel under highway) that the Bolton and Menk consultants have drawn up conceptual plans for putting a tunnel under the Hwy 19 railroad tracks by Malt-O-Meal. When Tracy blogged about Hwy 3/Hwy 19 transportation study open house a few weeks back, I had no idea that we’d be paying consultants to look at a tunnel. This seems like a wildly extravagant idea and a waste of money to study, no matter if it’s local dollars or Federal dollars. Or am I missing something? (continued)

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