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Bittersweet Eatery & Gathering Place closes

Bittersweet Eatery & Gathering Place closing flyer: Bittersweet Eatery & Gathering Place
Bittersweet Eatery & Gathering Place in the Archer House closed yesterday. Nfld Patch’s story:

Like other restaurant owners in Northfield, [Jane] Volkert has dealt with rising commodity prices at the same time customers are watching their spending more. She attributed the closing to “the economy.”

The restaurant has been for sale for several months. Volkert spoke with her staff about the closing when she made the decision, and as a result, her staff has been reduced from six employees to three.

Todd Byhre, general manager of the Archer House River Inn, which leases the space to Volkert, said the hotel is exploring options to fill the area, possibly keeping it as a coffee shop, but nothing is set in stone.

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