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Northfield Rotary welcomes a Group Study Exchange team from Brazil

Rick Estenson, Vicki Dilley, Lee Dilley, Jean Wakely On Friday morning, Rotarians Lee and Vicki Dilley, Rick Estenson, and Jean Wakely had coffee at GBM with members of Rotary District 4550 from Bahia, Brazil.

The Brazilians are part of a Group Study Exchange (GSE) with Northfield Rotary.

This Rotary blog post from last summer has more details:

Group Study Exchange (GSE) is a unique educational experience that furthers international understanding by providing an opportunity for outstanding business and professional people to study another country, its people, its culture and its institutions.  Each GSE team visits a Rotary district in another country for four weeks.  Team members stay in the homes of Rotarians, if possible, and follow an itinerary of educational and cultural points of interest. Travel and living expenses are covered during the exchange by The Rotary Foundation, Rotarians and Rotary District 5960.

A Rotary District 5960 GSE team will visit Rotary District 4550 in Bahia, Brazil, from April 8, 2012 – May 5, 2012.  The focus of the exchange will be public policy, public health and economic development. Rotary offers this opportunity to spend a month living with local Rotarians and seeing the country in a way few will ever experience.

Northfielder Aleka Pitsavas to perform March 17 at the NAG Theater

Jean Wakely and Marybeth Coyle-Frederick Aleka Pitsavas at the NAG Aleka Pitsavas
Jean Wakely and Marybeth Coyle-Frederick stopped by my corner office at the GBM yesterday to let me know that Aleka Pitsavas is performing Saturday, March 17, 7:00 PM at the NAG Theater, 411 W. 3rd Street. Tix at the door, $15.

Here’s an excerpt from Aleka’s bio page:

A monastic composer / song writer for over a decade, Aleka has spent the majority of the past eleven months creating and completing forty-five original works. A selected twelve of which she is ready to reveal; first to a chosen few and now to the public in her debut CD White Darkness.

For more, see this Oct. 14, 2011 Nfld News article: Stars align for Northfield singer/songwriter

This month, Northfielder Aleka Pitsavas has been spending countless hours recording her first studio album. Short fingers and a lack of self-confidence made Pitsavas keep her music to herself for years, but her brother John Pitsavas, before his death, gave her a kick start.